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Seashells in Animal Forest.

Shells are plentiful items that wash up on the beach or can be found while diving in the Animal Crossing series. They are a convenient source of Bells, especially during the early phases of the game when other methods of earning income are scarce or have not yet been developed by the player. In New Horizons, shells are used as crafting materials in DIY recipes.

List of shells[]

Shell Image AF AF+ AC AFe+ WW CF NL PC NH
Sand dollar
NH-sand dollar-icon
Sea snail
NH-snail shell-icon
Venus comb
NH-venus comb-icon
Giant clam
NH-giant clam-icon
Oyster shell
Pearl oyster
Turban shell
Anatomical murex shell
PC-Icon-Anatomical murex shell
Grand oyster
PC-Icon-Grand oyster
Green sea glass
PC-Icon-Green sea glass
Light-blue sea glass
PC-Icon-Light-blue sea glass
Pink heart cockle
PC-Icon-Pink heart cockle
Purple noble scallop
PC-Icon-Purple noble scallop
Red noble scallop
PC-Icon-Red noble scallop
Strawberry top shell
PC-Icon-Strawberry top shell
White heart cockle
PC-Icon-White heart cockle
White sea glass
PC-Icon-White sea glass
Yellow noble scallop
PC-Icon-Yellow noble scallop
Gigas giant clam
Manila clam
NH-manila clam-icon
Summer shell
NH-summer shell icon


  • During the Golden Axe Trading Event in Wild World, scallops can be traded with Pascal to obtain either the Golden Axe or Pascal's picture. Scallops can only be obtained from Tortimer in exchange for a massage chair.
  • In City Folk, scallops can be traded with Pascal for a piece of ship-themed furniture.
  • In New Leaf, when a scallop is caught in the town, Pascal sometimes appears and requests it. If given, he will eventually trade a piece of furniture. Note that the scallop is a different item from the scallop shell.

Manila clam[]

Manila clams appear in New Horizons. They are found on beaches at spots where water is seen shooting out of the sand. They can be obtained by digging them up with a shovel. Their primary use is as a crafting material for fish bait.

Summer shell[]

Summer shells appear in New Horizons. They are found on beaches only during the summer months of June, July, and August in the Northern Hemisphere, and December, January, and February in the Southern Hemisphere. Their primary use is as a crafting material for 9 seasonal DIY recipes that can also only be obtained during summer.

Giant-clam shell[]

Giant-clam shells are used for constructing music boxes with Cyrus's services. When given a giant-clam shell and any K.K. Slider song, Cyrus will be able to make a music box at the cost of 3000 bells.