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Please help me find minerals!

Shovelstrike Quarry (ゴロゴロ鉱山, Gorogoro Kōzan?, Gorogoro Mine) is a new location in Pocket Camp. Players can either use 20 Leaf Tickets to access the area, or gather 5 friends to mine for minerals. Players collect ore by mining rocks with a shovel. Players can collect gold ore, silver ore, rubies and sapphires, which can be sold for bells or used as part of a craft order. The amount of materials and bells players gain in the end depend on how rare the ores they mine are. Mining gold and silver ore gives the player a bigger amount of bells and materials, while mining rubies and sapphires will give a smaller amount.

When using the aid of friends, the player is limited to one mining run per day. After 5 attempts, the mined resources are sold and the player will be transported into the Market Place.

Lloid is also present at Shovelstrike Quarry.


In other languages[]

Shovelstrike Quarry
Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ゴロゴロ鉱山 Gorogoro Kōzan, Gorogoro Mine -
France French Carrière Cascayas -
Spain Spanish Cantera Apalazos -
Germany German Schaufelgrube -
Italy Italian Cava Spalaspala -
South Korea Korean 데굴데굴 광산 -