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Please help me find minerals!

Shovelstrike Quarry (ゴロゴロ鉱山, Gorogoro Kōzan?, Gorogoro Mine) is a new location in Pocket Camp. Players can either use 20 Leaf Tickets to access the area, or gather 5 friends to mine for minerals. Players collect ore by mining rocks with a shovel. Players can collect gold ore, silver ore, rubies and sapphires, which can be sold for bells or used as part of a craft order. The amount of materials and bells players gain in the end depend on how rare the ores they mine are. Mining gold and silver ore gives the player a bigger amount of bells and materials, while mining rubies and sapphires will give a smaller amount.

When using the aid of friends, the player is limited to one mining run per day. After 5 attempts, the mined resources are sold and the player will be transported into the Market Place.

Lloid is also present at Shovelstrike Quarry.


In other languages

Shovelstrike Quarry
Language Name
Japan Japanese ゴロゴロ鉱山 Gorogoro Kōzan, Gorogoro Mine
France French Carrière Cascayas
Spain Spanish Cantera Apalazos
Germany German Schaufelgrube
Italy Italian Cava Spalaspala
South Korea Korean 데굴데굴 광산