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Danger! Look out for bees! Don't shake trees!
― Signpost, City Folk


Signposts are landscape features that appear in every game in the Animal Crossing series up until New Leaf, and in the earlier installments as purchasable items from Tom Nook's Store.

In Animal Crossing[]

In Animal Forest, Animal Forest+, Animal Crossing, and Animal Forest e+, signposts will have hints written on them. Some hints are written by Tom Nook, some are written by Redd. They are not to be confused with Sign Boards. Signposts mark where villagers' homes may appear (except the one from Kapp'n near the dock). If a villager moves out of town, a signpost will appear where their house was. When a villager moves in, their house will appear where a sign post was. As such, the player won't be able to plant trees too close to a signpost, since that space is reserved for new villagers' homes.

In Wild World and City Folk[]

Signposts serve the same purpose in Wild World and City Folk as they did in the previous installments, though sign boards do not reappear. Some signposts are written by Tom Nook, some by Redd, some by Pelly or Phyllis, and some by villagers or other special characters. When a new villager moves in, they move on top of one of these posts.

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, signposts are written by Tom Nook the day before villagers move in. A fence will surround the space for the villager's house. The sign says: "This spot is reserved for ___ 's new home. Nook's Homes".

In New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, signposts are replaced by housing plots that the player can place at their discretion. When a housing plot is vacant, a sign in front of the plot will indicate whether the plot is still for sale or who has purchased it. If a plot has been purchased, the villager will move in the next day.

New Horizons also has two furniture items similar to signposts that can be crafted with DIY recipes: the Signpost and the Angled signpost. While these signposts do not display text, they can be customized to show one of several different icons.