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Smug (ボク Boku, or キザ Kiza) is a personality introduced in New Leaf. They are very polite, kind, and gentleman-like, and will easily get along with other villagers. They seem to be a mix between all personality types and are lively, kind, and positive, but may come off as conceited. In Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Smug villagers tend to have a bigger ego and talk about how much they're cool most of the time and cooler than everyone else.

They also will occasionally flirt with the player. They wake up at 8:30 am and sleep at 2:00 am (in New Leaf). So far there are 35 smug villagers throughout the game and notably, some villagers in previous Animal Crossing games had their personalities changed to smug for New Leaf.

They generally get along with peppy, normal, lazy and other smug villagers. They may have trouble getting along with cranky, jock and uchi villagers, despite the latter being a counterpart of smug villagers.


Below are some (not all) quotes made by smug villagers.

  • "How goes it, [player]! If I may be so bold, you're looking as cool as [nods] a fair number of cucumbers."
  • "Hey, <player>. Seems quiet today, huh? Like, too quiet. <catchphrase>."
  • "Hey, <player>. I feel like we need more dancing happening right now. Shoom! [does flourish emote] OK, that's a little better."
  • (If struck three times by a player) "Hey, that's not cool, <player>! I will suffer your slings and arrows no more, <catchphrase>!"
  • (in a player's house) "Oh, an <instrument>...So you not only listen to music, but you can play an instrument...<player>! We should totally have a jam session! [does joy emote] I'll bring the acoustic guitaaaaar!"
  • (when a new villager is moving in) "It looks like a new house is being built here in town, <catchphrase>! I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of girl is moving in...Ah, we still don't know if it's a girl or not, huh? I suppose a boy would be fine as well. Hah ha!"
  • (When the sky is clearing up after rain) "When the weather is like this, let's just dance to refresh ourselves! [flourish emote]"
  • (during December) "Hey, <player>! Do you know how super busy it gets when December starts? Jingle the Holiday Reindeer! <catchphrase>! Around this time, I bet he's trying to figure out what kind of presents we all want! I just get so excited around this time of year! Aren't you excited too, <player>?"
  • "...Maybe you're getting tired, <player>? Don't push yourself too hard, all right? Sometimes it's good to take a break even when you don't really have to..."
  • "Isn't it so romantic sending letters across the world to those you love and admire...? And when you finally hear back? It's the greatest feeling imaginable! The one in charge of delivering all those vital letters is Pete, the mail pelican...Thanks to him, the world is filled with the hope and promise of love!"
  • "It seems we don't have any events for the next few days, <player>. But maybe it's a test to see what you would do in a situation like this, <catchphrase>. For example, you could stage an elaborate play based on my life! And I could star in it! You see all the radically different and wonderful things you could do?"


Beardo HHD Beardo Bear
Chadder HHD Chadder Mouse
Chops HHD Chops Pig
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Ed NewLeaf Official Ed Horse
Eugene HHD Eugene Koala
Graham HHD Graham Hamster
Hans HD Hans Gorilla
Henry HD Henry Frog
Hippeux HD Hippeux Hippo
Huck HD Huck Frog
Jacques HD Jacques Bird
Julian HD Julian Horse
Keaton HD Keaton Eagle
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Kyle HHD Kyle Wolf
Leopold HD Leopold Lion
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O&#039; Hare - Animal Crossing New Leaf O'Hare Rabbit
Olaf HD Olaf Anteater
Pietro HHD Pietro Sheep
Phil HHD Phil Ostrich
Quillson HD Quillson Duck
Rodney HHD Rodney Hamster
Shep Shep Dog
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Toby NL Toby Rabbit
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