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Snooty villagers (オトナ Otona, or あたし Atashi) (sometimes called Snobby) are female characters in the Animal Crossing series. They are called snooty villagers because they act more mature and higher-class than other villagers. They are usually portrayed wearing makeup and high-end clothes that match their style, and their homes appear luxurious, though there are some exceptions. As of now, there are 65 snooty villagers.


Snooty villagers are well-spoken and sometimes appear offensive and rude towards other villagers, including the player. They are self-centered, hot-tempered, and sarcastic, but if the player talks to them often, they open up and become more kind, sometimes giving the player lessons in fashion. However, this doesn't prevent them from making the occasional scathing comment. Snooty villagers usually have exotic or upper-class names, or names relating to high-value items and gemstones, making them easy to distinguish when talking to villagers around the town.

Snooty villagers go to sleep at 3:00 AM in the original Animal Crossing and wake up at 9:00 AM. In Wild World, and City Folk they go to sleep at 3:30 AM, and wake up at 9:00 AM. In New Leaf they wake up at 9:30 AM and sleep at 2:00 AM. Like the peppy and normal villagers, they read "Ms. Nintendique" frequently, coming out with quotations from the magazine such as what their lucky item of the day is, or saying that they bought so much blush that the magazine gave them an item, which they then give to the player. They will often talk about Gracie and how much they love her clothing. They also frequently talk about the unseen magazine, Chic (villager species) Monthly.

They will find it difficult to socialize with most villagers, who have conflicting lifestyles to their own. They do not understand how lazy villagers can relax and not worry about their physical appearance. They also cannot fathom how jock villagers exercise or talk about exercising seemingly constantly and not worry about fashion; a jock villager's comment on the snooty villager's fitness will anger them. Normal villagers usually do not get along with them, and on most occasions both villagers criticize each other or the normal villager gets offended by the snooty villager's criticism. Peppy villagers sometimes, without knowing, let their ideas come out; for example, a peppy villager may say "You know you're always rude...", leading the snooty villager to leave the conversation annoyed. Uchi villagers likely won't get along with them, due to snooty villagers' tendency to talk about them behind their backs. They get along with cranky villagers, who share their maturity and viewpoints on life, and smug villagers as well, due to their similar interests in fashion.

In City Folk, when you talk to snooty villagers in the city, they will sometimes do the irritation emote before saying anything to you.

In New Leaf, when they have been befriended, snooty villagers will give the player medicine if they speak to them after being stung by bees.

In Happy Home Designer, they turned into housewives and got especially interested in cooking and housecleaning. When they're at the restaurants they say that they would never be able to cook in the same way despite they have years of experience behind or they're envious that someone cooks better than them. They often talk about unknown generic neighbours comparing their lifestyle to themselves: of course Snooty's habits are always better than others. They're even more kind than in ACNL, having been "replaced" in the role of the most mischievous by the Uchi personalities.


Below are some (not all) quotes made by snooty villagers.

  • Oh hey! I've been hearing people talk about you. They're saying you don't speak politely. Really, being polite is the easiest thing in the world. Just say "please" a lot. As in, "please share your <dessert> with me, or else!" Or, "please don't spread rumors about me, or else!" Got it, <catchphrase>?"
  • Stop shouting! I'm right here, I can hear you fine, <catchphrase>!
  • Oh, <player>, you're priceless, you know that? You're like a peppy little bag of fun, <catchphrase>!
  • <player>, you do talk a lot, you know that, <catchphrase>?
  • You filthy ogre! I hope you get stung by a thousand bees!
  • NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE! I'm saying, that's a nice <furniture> you've got there.
  • Is that how you get your kicks, <catchphrase>?!
  • <Lazy Villager name>, I hear you've been eating a lot of diet <dessert> lately?
  • I don't want to live in a world where I have to eat sugar-free cookies...
  • Ooooooh, I got tricked! <catchphrase>! You should NEVER trust Redd!
  • (if met in a dream) My memories are a little fuzzy. I've got to keep reminding myself. I'm a <species> named <name>...I'm a <species> named <name>!
  • "Now, what does Chic <species> Monthly say about televisions and interior decorating? Well whatever, I think your <TV> casts a happy glow in your home."
  • When at Jock Villagers house: "Well hello, <player>. Here to visit <jock villager> as well? How interesting!
  • When at Jock Villagers house: "I think <jock villager> is just thrilled to be hosting this get-together like this. I mean let's face it... the classiest party guests in (town) are here. You and me!"
  • So I'd really like to give you a/an <item>, <player>. You can also thank <villager> since I'm regifting a gift he gave me. Wait, don't actually thank him!
  • When at Jock Villagers house:"Should we peek inside <jock villager's> <storage>? It's probably packed to the ceiling with back issues of Muscles and Hot Yoga Monthly."

Picture Portraits

Below is only relevant to Wild World.

Snooty villagers will ask you the following question to trigger their portrait-giving sequence:

"This may sound sudden to but... You do have siblings right?"

Responses will be:

  • "Why do you ask?"
  • "Nope"
  • "I don't know."

By choosing "I don't know", and after a tirade about being mysterious, she will reply by saying:

"What would you say if I gave this to you? This is very rare."


Allie - Animal Crossing New Leaf Alli Alligator
Amelia - Animal Crossing New Leaf Amelia Eagle
Ankha NewLeaf Official Ankha Cat
Annalise NewLeaf Official Annalise Horse
Astrid NL Astrid Kangaroo
Baabara NewLeaf Official Baabara Sheep
Becky NewLeaf Official Becky Chicken
Bitty HD Bitty Hippo
Blaire NewLeaf Official Blaire Squirrel
Blanche HHD Blanche Ostrich
Bree NewLeaf Official Bree Mouse
BroffinaHHD Broffina Chicken
Carmen Carmen Mouse
Cashmere HD Cashmere Sheep
Claudia HD Claudia Tiger
Cleo HD Cleo Horse
Cupcake Cupcake Cub
Diana Diana Deer
Elina Elina Elephant
Elise NewLeaf Official Elise Monkey
Eloise NewLeaf Official Eloise Elephant
Francine NewLeaf Official Francine Rabbit
Freya NewLeaf Official Freya Wolf
Friga - Animal Crossing New Leaf Friga Penguin
Gigi NewLeaf Official Gigi Frog
Gloria NewLeaf Official Gloria Duck
Greta HHD Greta Mouse
Gwen NewLeaf Official Gwen Penguin
200px-Jane Jane Gorilla
Julia HD Julia Ostrich
Kitty NewLeaf Official Kitty Cat
Madame Rosa Madam Rosa Bird
Maelle - Animal Crossing New Leaf Maelle Duck
Mallary - Animal Crossing New Leaf Mallary Duck
Mathilda NewLeaf Official Mathilda Kangaroo
Mint Mint Squirrel
Miranda NewLeaf Official Miranda Duck
-Monique - Animal Crossing New Leaf Monique Cat
Naomi HHD Naomi Cow
-Olivia - Animal Crossing New Leaf Olivia Cat
Opal NewLeaf Official Opal Elephant
Pancetti Pancetti Pig
Pecan - Animal Crossing New Leaf Pecan Squirrel
Petuniaf Petunia Cow
Petunia Petunia Rhino
Portia NewLeaf Official Portia Dog
Purrlypurl Purrl Cat
Queenie NewLeaf Official Queenie Ostrich
Rhoda Rhoda Chicken
Robin NewLeaf Official Robin Bird
Snooty HD Snooty Anteater
Soleil WA Soleil Hamster
SueE Sue E. Pig
Tasha HD Tasha Squirrel
Tiara Tiara Rhino
Tiffany - Animal Crossing New Leaf Tiffany Rabbit
Tipper - Animal Crossing New Leaf Tipper Cow
Timbra HD Timbra Sheep
Valise2 Valise Kangaroo
Velma NewLeaf Official Velma Goat
Violet NewLeaf Official Violet Gorilla
Vivian HD Vivian Wolf
-Whitney - Animal Crossing New Leaf Whitney Wolf
Willow NewLeaf Official Willow Sheep
Yuka HD Yuka Koala


  • The Japanese word 'atashi' is a shortened form of 'watashi' that is considered cute, effeminate, and informal.
  • They will sometimes give Medicine if the player has a bee sting like Uchi villagers.
  • In New Leaf, snooties have the lowest pitched voice of the female personalities.
  • In New Leaf on the villager's birthday, upon handing them a present, the villager may say "Aww, you shouldn't have! No wait, strike that. Reverse it. I'm glad you did." This is a quote/catchphrase from Gene Wilder's character in the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
  • In New Leaf, if the player is a female, Snooty villagers are hard to make them angry while hitting with a Net.
  • In dream towns, they may know the player's name even if they don't live in their town.

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