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Snowman Gallery

Man, this freezing little town is just the pits... If only I'd been rolled up in some tropical paradise instead...
― Snowman, City Folk

A Snowman (ゆきだるま Yukidaruma?) is a character that is made of snow, as the name indicates. They can be built during winter (December 11th to February 25th), or, as of New Horizons, June 11th to August 24th in the Southern Hemisphere).

2-3 snowballs appear randomly everyday somewhere in the town. The player can use these to make a snowman. The snowballs are usually in different locations, and they have to be the right size.

In New Leaf, there are four snow family members to create: Snowman, Snowmam, Snowboy, and Snowtyke.

In New Horizons, there is only one type of snowman to build, as in previous game installments prior to New Leaf.


Before New Leaf[]

Snowmen come in different sizes and shapes, depending on how the player built them. They consist of two snowballs stacked together. They have dotty eyes and red triangle noses. They have six dots that form their mouth (only five prior to Wild World).

In New Leaf[]

HNI 0052-0

A perfect snow family (although some are melted)

In New Leaf, snowmen will now be different members of a snow family, depending on their size.

  • Snowman, the biggest, has thick eyebrows and wears a black top hat with a yellow ribbon. His eyes are LED screens, with yellow "pupils" that will display the player's bingo number. His nose is a red triangle, and his mouth is replaced with a mustache.
  • Snowmam, the second biggest, has an extra snowball on the back of her head, resembling a bun hairstyle. Her nose is a tall, yellow rectangle and her mouth is replaced with something to represent lipstick (possibly slice of red pepper).
  • Snowboy, medium-sized, is identical to all snowmen prior to New Leaf.
  • Snowtyke, the smallest, has a small, yellow oval for a nose, and black dots for their eyes and mouth.

In New Horizons[]

Snowboys return in New Horizons, resembling how they did in New Leaf. The other three types of snowpeople are not present and all snow ball sizes assembled will result in a snowboy.


Snowballs gain size when being pushed through the snow and slightly decrease in size when going over dirt or pavement. Initially, snowballs are controlled similar to sport balls, being kicked around. Once they get to a certain size, they become more controllable, being pushed around instead. Two snowballs appear a day, so you can only make one snowman each day. However, if a snowball falls off a cliff ledge, rams into a hillside, slams into a house, gets hit by a shovel, falls into a hole, or dropped into the river, the ocean, or pond, it will be lost. Under this circumstance, a new snowball will be randomly generated when the player enters and leaves a building so that they may try again later.


A player talks to a snowman in Wild World

When the snowballs look to be the right size, push the smaller one on top of the larger one by pushing them near each other. The snowman will tell the player if they did a perfect job, a good job, an average job, a poor job, or terrible job. The snowman's personality is determined by how it is made, for example if the player does a poor job, it will often say bad things about their life like "I just want to make one light shine before I melt away, oh woe is me." If the player did a good job, it will say "I'll never be the best-looking guy on the block, but I can still lead a long and fulfilling life" However, if the player did a perfect job, it might say "I'll be looking fine when I represent (town name) in the (year) Mr. Snowman Snowslam!" or "Though my body is cool, my soul is on fire. Yeah, that's me, all right! I've got to write that down somewhere."

RUU 0012

A perfect snowman in City Folk

The player will also receive a snowman themed item from the snowman series in their mail after the snowman melts away. The snowman will remain a few days and will shrink each day until he disappears. It does not affect whether the player has the furniture or not because it is impossible. The snowman always knows what pieces the player have and will never send them duplicates until they have every single piece in the series.

In City Folk, if a snowman is built anywhere on the pavement in front of the Town Gate, even out of the bus's path, the player will not be able to go to the city because the bus will not be able to stop, citing snowstorms. If the player builds a snowman right next to an obstacle such as another snowman, a house, or a tree it may have moved when they see it or possibly even disappear.

In New Horizons, Snowboys are constructed by kicking a snow ball around until it is big enough to roll. The goal is to make a perfect Snowboy in order receive large snowflakes and DIY Recipes for the frozen series. Snowboys will tell the player if they made them perfectly, how close they were to making them perfectly, or if they did a bad job. Their dialogue varies slightly depending on if they were made perfectly or not, though there is some dialogue repeated between them. Perfect Snowboys will appear to be more smug than imperfect ones, though they will claim to not be vain when spoken to by the player.

Making a perfect Snowboy requires two properly sized snowballs; the base snowball must be rolled until it has reached its maximum size, while the top snowball should reach about the midway point of the player character's head in height.

Role in New Leaf[]

Snowman card

The bingo card given to the player by Snowman

In New Leaf there is a whole snowman family to build, made up of four members each with their own size range: Snowman, Snowmam, Snowtyke, and Snowboy, who resembles Snowman from previous games. Each Snowman can be made perfectly or imperfectly depending on whether or not the player uses the snowballs of a correct size. Each day, two snowballs will randomly spawn in the player's town, enabling them to build one snowman each day.

Snowman (character)[]

Papa snowman

Snowman selecting a bingo number

3DS photos 314

Snowman after rolling the numbers

HNI 0031-1

From left to right, Snowmam, Snowboy, and Snowman

The Snowman is made by stacking two large-sized snowballs together. If he is made perfectly, he will ask the player to play bingo with him and give the player a bingo card which can not be dropped or deleted until February 25. This bingo card will have 24 random numbers on it, with a 'free spot' in the middle. Everyday until he melts, the player can return to him and play bingo. His eyes will spin, each displaying a number. If the number he displays matches any number on the player's bingo card, he will allow them to punch out that number. This number resets everyday when the player speaks to him. In addition, they can travel to other towns to speak to Snowman to get additional numbers that day. When the player gets bingo (5 numbers in a row) he will reward the player with a piece of the ski series.


  • There is a slim chance that you will receive a number that is not present on your bingo card.
  • Players can build up to four Snowmen in your town, due to the fact that two snowballs spawn in their town every day, and each Snowman lives for four days before melting. Each of the Snowmen will provide the player with a number once every day for the same bingo card.
  • Each player character can hold one bingo card.
  • The Snowman will not give the player a bingo card if the inventory is full.
  • NPC Dialogue indicates that it is possible to get more than one Bingo on the same card. However, the snowman will remove the player's card when giving him the item reward making it impossible to get another bingo on the same card.
  • If the player gets a double or triple bingo (bingo in both vertical, horizontal and or diagonal rows), they will still only get one item.

Snowmam (character)[]


Snowmam and Snowman

The Snowmam is made by stacking a small-sized snowball onto a medium-sized snowball. The third, smaller snowball on her head will appear automatically when the two are pushed together. Snowmam will ask the player to give her snowflakes which can be seen occasionally flying around during the winter months in the players town and can be caught with the net. If she is made perfectly, she will only ask for 3 snowflakes, however if she is made imperfectly, she will ask for 5. In exchange, she will reward the player with a piece of the ice series. The player can give her as many snowflakes a day as they like. She will also typically give the player the full ice series without duplicates, if the snowflakes are collected during her lifespan.

Snowboy (character)[]

The regular Snowman, now known as Snowboy, has the same appearance as the snowmen in the previous Animal Crossing games. To make Snowboy, the player must roll two medium-sized snowballs - with the top just slightly smaller - together. If he is made perfectly, he will compliment the player and the player will receive a piece of the snowman series in the mail the next day. If he is made imperfectly, the player will receive nothing, unless it is the first Snowboy.

Snowtyke (character)[]

The Snowtyke is made by stacking two very small snowballs together, or by stacking a larger snowball onto a smaller snowball. The Snowtyke will only give the player a gift when they have made the three other Snow People. It will reward the player with one of four items.

  • Snowman Matryoshka = All snowman well-formed.
  • Snow Bunny = Snowtyke well-formed + 2 others well-formed + 1 poorly formed
  • Small Igloo = Snowtyke well-formed + 1 well-formed + 2 poorly formed
  • Sleigh = Snowtyke well-formed + 3 poorly formed.

Role in New Horizons[]

Snowboys return in New Horizons, rewarding the player with DIY recipes for the frozen series and large snowflakes required to craft them if they are made perfectly. The player can only receive one DIY recipe from a Snowboy, but the Snowboy will continue to give the player one large snowflake every day until they melt completely. Imperfect Snowboys will not give the player DIY recipes or large snowflakes and will instead complain about the flaws in their construction when spoken to. The only exception to this is the player's first Snowboy.

a picture of a video game character standing beside and talking to their snowperson they created. The snowperson is saying "Normally, you can only get stuff like that when you make the most perfect version of me..

A snowboy giving a player a large snow flake for the initial construction, despite the imperfections.

Snowboys who haven't been deemed perfect will appear to feel self conscious, sometimes talking about how they don't live up to other snowfolk.

Melting in New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, every day that goes by an existing Snowboy will go into a new period of melting, and the conversations with the player will reflect that. There are four different stages, newly built, slight melting, severe melting and extremely melting.

Newly built[]

A freshly-created snowperson from New Horizons

A newly built Snowboy.

A newly built Snowboy is a Snowboy that has been built in the current day. It displays no signs of melting and is as new as it will get.

Slight melting[]

A snowperson in a cartoon video game with the bottom portion being slightly melted

A snowboy in the slight melting stage.

A Snowboy that displays minimal melting has been built a day ago. It displays light melting signs. The signs of this are:

  • A slightly lopsided head.
  • A small puddle protruding beside the snowboy's bottom tier.

Severe melting[]

A cartoon snowperson having been slightly melted in New Horizons, their round torso has begun to deteriorate and appear to be absorbed into the ground

A snowperson in the severe melting stage.

A snowboy that is in the severely melted stage has been built two days ago. It displays significant melting signs. The signs of this melting stage are:

  • A significantly lopsided head
  • A large puddle at the snowboy’s bottom tier along with tiny specks of smaller puddles.

Extreme melting[]

A screenshot from New Horizons, with a cartoon snowperson with barely any torso and only a head remaining

A snowboy in the extreme melting stage.

A thoroughly melted snowboy has been built three days ago, and will disappear the next. It demonstrates very dramatic melting. The signs of a extremely melted snowboy are:

  • A very lopsided head.
  • The whole second tier is a puddle and there are more tiny puddles protruding from the sides of the big puddle.


  • In Animal Crossing, the player can break a snowman by running through it. In subsequent games, this is no longer possible.
  • In Animal Crossing, the snowman speaks in Animalese, but in Wild World and City Folk, it speaks in Bebebese. In New Leaf, the snow family speaks in Animalese:
    • The Snowman has the voice of a cranky villager.
    • The Snowmam has the voice of a snooty villager.
    • Snowboy has the voice of a lazy villager.
    • Snowtyke has the voice of a peppy villager.
  • In New Leaf, the snowmen can be seen melting into a pile of snow as the days go by, unlike the previous games where this was implied by reducing their size. This returns in New Horizons.
  • In New Leaf, if the player calls "Snowman" into the megaphone during the spring, summer, or fall, a voice will respond with "There aren't any snowmen around this time of year!" In the winter, it will respond "Maybe snowmen can't answer...?"
  • In New Leaf, time traveling backwards may cause the snowmen to disappear, and any bingo cards owned to expire and become a disposable item.
  • In New Leaf, building a snowman near a body of water (e.g.: river) will cause it to instantly melt if the player leaves the area.
  • If a snowman right is build before the snow melts (e.g. February 24/August 24), the snowman will still be there afterward. In New Leaf and New Horizons, the Snowboy will talk about spring.
  • In New Horizons, a slightly melted snowboy will say they must be alien since they came from the sky.
  • If a snowball is broken and a snowman cannot be made as a result, the player can save and continue to make a snowball appear.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ゆきだるま Yukidaruma -
France French Yétiti -
Spain Spanish Copito -
Germany German Schnemil -
Italy Italian Polario (Snowman)
Polaria (Snowmam)
Pallino (Snowboy)
Fiocco (Snowtyke)
The Netherlands Dutch Sneeuwknul -
Russia Russian Снеговичок -
China Chinese 雪哥哥 Xuěgēgē -
South Korea Korean 아빠눈사람 (Appanoonsaram, Dad Snowman)
엄마눈사람 (Eommanoonsaram, Mom Snowman)
눈사람 (Noonsaram, Snowman)
애기눈사람 (Aeginoonsaram, Baby Snowman)