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Soft-shelled turtle Gallery

"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I should take a shellfie!" —New Horizons

The soft-shelled turtle is a new "fish" introduced in New Leaf. It is caught in the river, despite being in between the holding pond fish in the Critterpedia. It is only found in August and September, having the smallest month range other than single-month fish like the salmon and king salmon.

Donation to the museum

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"These relatives of common turtles will not let go when they decide to bite down on something. Although they can be quite shy, they will become a bit aggressive when threatened. They are often found in brackish water and are very good swimmers because of the flat shape of their shells. They swim with their snouts over the surface of the water so they can breathe. Soft-shelled turtles aren't safe to hold because they are so prone to biting at the slightest movement. However, if one bites down on you, it will usually let go when you put it safely back in the water."

In New Horizons

Upon donation or selecting "tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"The soft-shelled turtle is not one to shy away from biting when provoked. In addition to its powerful bite, this little critter has the ability to breathe both above and below water! It has an unusually long neck which it uses for both breathing and biting. Come to think of it, how did you manage to avoid being bitten? Well, it's a fearsome critter, but just look at that face! Rather silly, wot?

Capture Quotes

"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I can really shell it out!" —New Leaf (NTSC)
"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I really shelled it out!" —New Leaf (PAL)
"I caught a soft shelled-turtle! Don't suffer shell shock!" —New Leaf (While the moon is out)
"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! It's more sensitive than other turtles." —New Horizons
"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I should take a shellfie!" —New Horizons
Japanese Quotes

「スッポンを 釣り上げた! スッポンポン!」 —New Leaf

"I caught the soft-shelled turtle! It's butt-naked!" (translation)

「スッポンを 釣り上げた! 月と スッポン!」 —New Leaf

"I caught the soft-shelled turtle! Its shell is the moon!" (translation)

Encyclopedia information

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I can really shell it out!"
Size 10.45 inches
Habitat River
Season August to September

New Horizons

Encyclopedia Information
NH-encyclopedia-Soft-shelled turtle.jpg
"I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I should take a shellfie!"
Habitat River
Months active (north) August to September
Months active (south) February to March

Further information


Main article: Trionychidae on Wikipedia

This turtle has found its way into many lakes and rivers around the world. Native to brackish water (water that is freshwater but salty), the species has done surprisingly well throughout a diverse array of other habitats. Due to the introduction of this species in many parts of Asia, it has become a considerable food source. It is a nocturnal feeder that attacks and eats fish, crustaceans, insects and molluscs. It is similar to the Northern Softshell Turtle which inhabits mainland Asia.


  • The soft-shelled turtle is one of the only "fish" to display a different capture message when caught while the moon is out in New Leaf.

In other languages

Soft-shelled turtle
Language Name
Japan Japanese スッポン Suppon
France French Tortue trionyx
Spain Spanish Tortuga caparazón blando
Germany German Weichschildkröte
Italy Italian Apalone ferox
The Netherlands Dutch Weekschildpad
China Chinese 鳖/鱉 Biē
South Korea Korean 자라 Jara

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