The solemn painting (おごそかなめいが, Ogosokanameiga?, solemn masterpiece) is one of the pieces of artwork available in Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf, Happy Home Designer and New Horizons. The painting can be donated to the museum and be added to the art gallery. As this painting can be bought from Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler, players should keep in mind that they may be purchasing a forgery.

Painting information

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Solemn painting (New Leaf) & (City Folk) 3,920
490 Crazy Redd
Tom Nook
Solemn painting (New Horizons) 4,980 Bells 1,245 Bells Jolly Redd's Treasure Trawler

Donation to the museum

After donating it to the museum, a museum label will give a description of the painting. In New Horizons, the museum label reads:

Las Meninas
Diego Velázquez, circa 1656
Oil on canvas

This famous piece by Velázquez, who served the Spanish court, shows us something about perspective. It depicts a young princess with her "ladies-in-waiting." The artist himself is seen to the left. The king and queen are reflected in the mirror to the artist's right, so the perspective is that of the king. The king...watching the artist...paint the king and the queen...

  • Note: Prior to New Leaf, paintings did not have visual differences between forged and genuine versions. Therefore, paintings given to Blathers were fake or authentic at random.


In New Leaf

The woman wearing the white dress is tall in the fake painting and short in the real one.
Solemn Painting (forgery).png
Int art velazq.png

New Horizons

The man in the painting in the background has his hand in the air. The original has his hand resting on a curtain.
NH-Forgery Solemn Painting.jpeg
NH Genuine Solemn Painting.jpeg

In Happy Home Designer

After Day 9 in game, go to the saving place and sit down at your desk. Pick the "Study the handbook" option, you can complete "Art Collection" lesson with 1 play coins. It adds 33 pieces of artworks and 22 forgeries to your collection.

Further Information

Main article: Las Meninas on Wikipedia

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