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Special Visitors can be found at special events, times of the day or week, or through other means. Below are some of the special visitors that might appear in the town, and when they might appear.


Main article: Pascal

Pascal is a philosophical otter, who visits the town on random days and gives out furniture. In Wild World, he will appear on the beach, and will give the player an item of furniture for talking to him.

In City Folk, he appears on a random town bridge over the river, where he trades pirate themed furniture for a scallop after talking to him while holding a scallop. Otherwise, he gives a piece of deep, philosophical information and floats downstream out to sea.

Returning in New Leaf, Pascal appears sometimes when the player catches a scallop. He requests that it is given to him, and in return will bestow both furniture and wisdom. However, there is no chance of Pascal showing up if the player's pockets are full.


Main article: Pete

Pete is the town mail carrier. In Wild World, Pete can be found flying in the sky and can be shot down with a slingshot between 9:00AM and 5:00PM each day when no other special visitors are in town.

In City Folk, he can be found walking around the town at around 5pm or when Nintendo has sent the player letters, where he will appear outside their house.

Returning once more in New Leaf, Pete can be found wandering around the town, Monday through Friday, between 9:00AM and 9:30AM. He returns later in the day at 5:00PM until 5:30PM.


Main article: Gulliver

Gulliver is a seagull explorer. In Animal Crossing, he is a sailor who washes ashore on random days. When he is awoken, he tells how he fell overboard in the course of a heroic struggle (the exact nature of the struggle changes with each visit, and as later conversation reveals, all his heroic tales are colorful lies).

In Wild World and City Folk, he pilots a UFO, which can be shot down with a slingshot. The player must then help him reassemble the pieces of his damaged space ship. Each time he is helped, he will give the player a rare item of furniture.

In New Leaf, Gulliver may wash up on the town's beach the day after a storm. He will ask the player if they can help him remember where he was originally headed. When helped and the right location is chosen, he will give the player an item of furniture from his collection, which will be in the mail the next day.


Main article: Snowman
Snowman - Animal Crossing New Leaf

When it is Winter, two small balls of snow can be found on the ground each day. These snow balls can be rolled into bigger ones, and then pushed together to form a snowman. If a snowman of perfect proportions is formed, he will send the player a letter with a special present attached, containing an item of furniture from the Snowman Series.


Main article: Katrina

Katrina may come to town on random dates in New Leaf. Her fortunes are 500 Bells per go. When she gives a fortune, she will tell the player a lucky item that can help either prevent bad luck or promote good luck. Upon having the player's (any players- all combined fortunes that have been told) fortune told 20 times, the mayor will unlock the Fortune Shop. The Fortune Shop will be available as a Public Works Project where the Fortune Shop can be built between the Photo Booth and the Dream Suite on Main Street. The player will be able to get to Katrina more frequently, as her tent will only be available once a week. She can only tell one fortune a day.


Main article: Redd

In Animal Crossing, Redd will randomly appear in the town with a tent set up. He will sell both rare and common items for extortionate prices.

In Wild World, Redd will visit the town once a week. He will be in a large tent placed on the stone area in front of the Town Hall. Inside his tent, there will be three items that can be bought (one painting and two pieces of furniture), but Redd will not grant entry unless they have the password.

In City Folk, Redd owns a store in the City.

In New Leaf, Redd will set up a tent in the town. Additionally, Redd will appear during New Year's Eve where he will sell hats for 300 Bells in the Plaza. He also appears during the Fireworks Show, where the player can buy a cookie for 500 Bells.

K.K. Slider

Main article: K.K. Slider

In Animal Crossing, K.K. Slider can be found at the train station from 8:00 PM to midnight. In Wild World and City Folk, K.K. Slider can be found playing music at The Roost every Saturday after 8.00 PM. Finally, in New Leaf, he can be found in Club LOL on Saturdays after 8PM.


Main article: Lyle

Lyle is an otter who wears black rimmed glasses. In Wild World, Lyle can be found every Saturday trying to sell insurance outside the player's house. In City Folk, he can be found in the Happy Room Academy Building in the city.

In New Leaf, his role is similar to his job in City Folk, however he now works in Nook's Homes as a Happy Home Academy Agent.


Main article: Kapp'n
Kappn 3DS

In City Folk, Kapp'n is the bus driver who drives the player to and from the city. In Animal Crossing, he appears when a Game Boy Advance is connected to the Nintendo GameCube via connection cable and going to the dock. He will row the player to and from a small island, singing a sea shanty as he goes.

In Wild World, he is the first character the player meets. He drives the taxi that takes the player to their town, while also determining their name, gender and town name. The player may never see him again, unless they encounter him in the the Roost.

In New Leaf, his role is essentially the same as it was in Animal Crossing, without the need of connecting another device. He takes the player to Tortimer Island on his motor boat.


Main article: Joan

Joan is a female boar who visits the town every Sunday to sell her turnips.

In Wild World and City Folk, she has 2 types of turnips for sale: red and white. Red Turnips are sold as seed packets, which can be planted in the soil outside and must be watered everyday, and White Turnips which are sold in bunches. Sometimes lazy villagers will talk about Joan's sister, whom they describe as "nicer, friendlier, and younger" than Joan.

In New Leaf, she only sells white turnips.


Main article: Blanca

Blanca is a recurring character in the series. Blanca is a white cat who asks the player to draw her a face. In Animal Crossing, she will randomly appear when traveling to other towns. In Wild World, after turning on the 'mysterious cat' mode with the telephone and using Wi-Fi, Blanca may appear in the player's town and will ask the player to draw something on her face, which may be shared with other consoles that have connected to the Nintendo DS afterwards.

In New Leaf, she is the main character during April Fool's Day. She takes on the appearance of villagers in the town and it is for the player to determine who is the real villager and who is Blanca.

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