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Confirmed Special Characters

* Added in version 1.2.0


There are some basic rules that govern which visitor characters will visit the island on any given day. Most visiting characters must be unlocked in some way before they will visit. Note: Some events will increase the chances of certain characters visiting (e.g. Leif is more likely to visit during the Nature Day event)

The list of Visitor Characters are:

Note: Celeste and Wisp have separate systems for deciding when to visit.


This leaves Monday through Friday for possible times that other characters can visit. Kicks, Sahara, and Leif are guaranteed to visit every week. This leaves two days for the other five to have a chance to visit. The three that didn't visit last week are given a higher chance to visit the next week.

Evening visitors

  • Wisp chooses a random night to visit after 8 PM.
  • Celeste has little known information on when she decides to visit. She will choose one night a week that has "meteor shower weather" to visit after 7 PM.
ACNH Special Visitors

A Fan-Made Visitor Chart


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