Sporty essence
スポーティーのもと Supōthī no moto
PC-ItemIcon-sporty essence

Type Crafting material
Stackable Up to 999
Availability Antonio, Bam, Bud, Butch, Charlise, Cheri, Flip, Hopkins, Jay, Kid Cat, Moe, Peewee, Tad,
Shovelstrike Quarry,
Timed Goals or Stretch Goals,
Log-In Bonus
Sell price 50 Bells
Regional names Flag of Germany small Sportessenz
Flag of Italy small essenza sportiva
Flag of France small Matériau sport
Flag of Spain esencia deportiva

Sporty essence (スポーティーのもと, Supōthī no moto?, Sporty Elementary) is a crafting material found in Pocket Camp. It can be obtained via: completing quests for Antonio, Bam, Bud, Butch, Charlise, Cheri, Flip, Hopkins, Jay, Kid Cat, Moe, Peewee, or Tad; collecting from the Shovelstrike Quarry; completing Timed Goals or Stretch Goals; a Log-In Bonus. The sporty essence is identified by its potion shape, green liquid seen inside, and a basketball label on the front.

Uses of sporty essence

Uses of Sporty essence
Name Image Sell price Materials needed Crafting time
white lattice fence
PC-FurnitureIcon-white lattice fence 350 Bells 120 wood
3 sporty essence
2,330 Bells
6 hours
metal bench
PC-FurnitureIcon-metal bench 320 Bells 120 steel
3 sporty essence
2,050 Bells
7 hours
green net
PC-FurnitureIcon-green net 560 Bells 60 steel
60 cotton
3 sporty essence
1,740 Bells
10 hours
sleeping bag
PC-FurnitureIcon-sleeping bag 392 Bells 80 cotton
3 sporty essence
1,840 Bells
8 hours
striped screen
PC-FurnitureIcon-stripe screen 2,979 Bells 4 sporty essence
150 wood
2 sparkle stones
10,190 Bells
21 hours
stripe bed
PC-FurnitureIcon-stripe bed 404 Bells 60 cotton
60 steel
3 sporty essence
1,810 Bells
12 hours