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Spring is one of four seasons in the Animal Crossing series. In the northern hemisphere and all games before New Horizons, it starts on February 25th, when the trees begin to turn green after being white for Winter, and ends on May 31st. In the southern hemisphere since New Horizons, it runs between August 25th and November 30th. Snow completely disappears and the grass turns green on the first day of spring.

The start of spring shouldn't be mistaken for the beginning of the spring season for bugs and fish, as these appear at the beginning of March.



Trees beginning to bloom. 1st April - City Folk

Below is a taste of what to expect in spring. Here is a list of the events, what happens in each, in what game and when.

  • Flea Market (Third Sunday of February; City Folk) - Players can visit villager's homes and buy selected items of furniture. Likewise, villagers can visit the Player's house and buy items from them, at a price set by the Player.
  • Festivale (Third Monday of February; City Folk, New Leaf, New Horizons) - Pavé appears in the Plaza. During this event the player can win candy (feathers in New Leaf and New Horizons) from other Villagers, which can be exchanged for prizes through Pavé.
  • Fishing Tourney (Second Saturday of March, April and May; City Folk) - Chip the fishing ace will set up a stall in the Plaza, and will challenge the villagers of the town to catch the biggest fish (overall, or selected type of fish). The competition ends at 6:00 PM, whereupon the winner will receive a trophy. A notice will also be put up on the bulletin board announcing the winner.
  • Mother's Day (considered Mothering Sunday) (Two Sundays before Bunny Day; City Folk) - A letter from Mom will arrive featuring information about the day, including a present containing a pink carnation flower seed.
  • April Fools Day (1st April; City Folk) - Go and speak to Tortimer in front of the Town Hall, he will give the player a present - a leaf (a joke based on what furniture looks like outside the house).
  • Bunny Day (12th April; City Folk) - Zipper T. appears outside Town Hall. Bunny Day is what is in place of Easter. Candy can be collected. Eggs appear around town and can be exchanged these for egg furniture. 'Bunny Day' has a different date per year.
  • Feria De Abril (24th April to 3rd May; City Folk) - The Player will receive a flamenco hat and a flamenco dress as part of the Spanish event Feria De Abril, which is an event in Spain where local citizens dress up in these clothes.



The bulletin message forecasting the up-coming weather - City Folk

  • Pavé - A peacock who appears during Festivale on the 23rd of February. He exchanges candy for special Pavé furniture.
  • Chip - A beaver who hosts the Fishing Tourneys.
  • Zipper T. - An anonymous character dressed in a rabbit costume. He exchanges eggs for special egg furniture during Bunny Day.
  • Tortimer - He comes on the day of the Cherry Blossoms and in April Fools Day.

Fish and Insects[]

These are the fish and bugs that appear during spring.





The first signs of Spring appearing, note the greenness of the trees appearing.

The weather of spring consists mainly of clear skies and occasional slight rain showers. Grass begins to appear and trees start to turn green. Snowballs eventually disappear and snow becomes rain.

On the 1st of April, the non-fruit bearing trees around the town will begin to blossom. Eventually, all of them will turn pink (minus the fruit trees, palm trees and cedar trees). These trees are known by Villagers as "Cherry Blossoms". On the first Monday of April, "Cherry Blossom" petals fall from the sky like confetti. This is to commemorate the beginning of the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is only celebrated in Animal Crossing. The blossoms disappear on the 9th of April.

Other Information[]

  • On the first day of spring, all snow melts.


In New Horizons, for the duration of the Spring season, young spring bamboo can occasionally be gathered by chopping bamboo plants with an axe. Balloon presents retrieved during the Spring season may contain DIY recipes which utilize this material.

Below is a list of recipes which may be obtained only during the Spring season: