"I caught a squid! Yes, I did!" —New Leaf

The squid (イカ, Ika?) is a fish that can be found in the ocean between December and mid-August, at any time of the day. Despite it being called a fish in Animal Crossing series, it is in fact a type of mollusc/mollusk, like (but not directly related to) the octopus.

Donation to the Museum

In Animal Forest e+

In Wild World

"Octopus and squid both have ink, and I've seen squid ink in recipes quite often... Strangely, however, I've never heard of a dish that uses octopus ink! I suppose it's partially due to the fact that octopi produce very little ink... What ink they DO make is watery and ill-suited for cooking, as well... That said, I've heard that the flavor is not at all repugnant, eh wot? Perhaps an octopus-ink pasta wouldn't be bad..."

After being given to the museum, the squid will appear in the ocean tank of the aquarium, propelling itself around towards the back.

In City Folk

In New Leaf

In New Leaf an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"People assume squids have legs, but those are actually arms. There are 10 in all; two are used to grab prey. To swim, they twist their fins and expel water from inside their bodies to allow for fluid motion. The ink they shoot when threatened forms into the shape of a squid, acting as a sort of body double."

In New Horizons

"Well, first off, squids are members of the mollusk family, just like the octopus. Many mollusks like snails and clams have shells, but the squid's body is almost completely soft. The exception is a long, narrow bit of hard material going through its main body - the last remnant of its shell. Of course, having your shell INSIDE is not a best practice. Perhaps they lost the owner's manual!"

Capture quotes

"イカを つりあげた! ゲッソ―!" —Animal Forest e+
"I caught a squid! Oh no I squidn't!" —Wild World
"I caught a squid! Oh, yes, I squid!" —City Folk
"I caught a squid! It's off the hook!" —New Horizons
"I caught a squid! I had an inkling I might!" —New Horizons (alternate)

"I caught a squid! It's off the hook!" — New Horizons (alternate)

"I caught a squid! Do they... not actually "bloop"?" —New Horizons (alternate)

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Squid (Wild World) "Eight of its ten appendages are arms, and the other two are tentacles."
Size 13.7 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Winter to summer
Icon Squid (Wild World icon)

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Squid (City Folk)
"Eight of the tentacles are legs--the two longer ones are actually arms."
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Winter-Summer

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
"I caught a squid! Yes, I did!"
Size About 14 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Winter-Summer



  • Two of the capture quotes in New Horizons are references to Splatoon 2, another Nintendo title. another alternative capture quote follows suit.
  • The other alternate New Horizons capture quote may also pay homage to a Blooper from the Super Mario series.

Further information

Real Life Squid

A squid in real life.

The Japanese Squid as it is often called is a northern Pacific species. It can be found around Japan, the Soviet Union and across the Bering Strait and around parts of Alaska and Canada. These squid are a large supply of food for many marine predators. The name "flying" squid refers to their tendency to propel them high out of the water at heights of around 20-30 meters or higher. The reason for this is suspected to be a way to save energy on long migration routes or to avoid predators, but the truth remains uncertain.

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