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Star fragments are a crafting material that can be found along the shore of the player's island the day after wishing on shooting stars.

Star fragments can be sold for 250 Bells at Nook's Cranny

The next day, a number of star fragments, up to a maximum of 20 if the player had wished on at least 20 stars, shall wash up on the beach depending on how many wishes the player made; up to an additional 20 star fragments may spawn if the player had guests wishing on stars as well, at a rate of 1 extra fragment per 5 wishes, up to 100. Players who are visiting the islands of other players while a meteor shower occurs can still make wishes, and there is no limit to the number of players who may wish on a single shooting star. When a visitor makes a wish, star fragments will appear on the beaches of their own island as well, up to the same 20 per day limit. The player can also receive them from Celeste in place of DIY recipes once the player has collected all of the recipes she gives out.


Star fragments are used to craft several kinds of wand tools and the zodiac furniture set given by Celeste.


In other languages[]

Star fragment
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France French Fragment d'étoile -