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Starcrossed Day (七夕 Tanabata?) is a Summer event in the Animal Crossing series. While it is exclusive to Japanese versions of City Folk and New Leaf, players with other language versions may also partake in the festivities by visiting a Japanese town.

While the event proper doesn’t return in New Horizons, The player is able to buy the seasonal bamboo grass from the Nook Shopping app regardless of their region in celebration of the event. When the bamboo grass is interacted with, the player is able to read the wishes of their villagers based on their personality along with the wishes of NPC’s such as Tom Nook and Isabelle.

In New Leaf[]

During the event, the player may receive a bamboo grass item from Isabelle to decorate their home. The item can be interacted with to read various wishes that have been made for Tanabata. They may also pose in the face cutout standee in the Plaza.

Isabelle's Dialogue[]

During the Starcrossed Day, the following dialogue is spoken to the visitors:

  • "My goodness, you've come such a long way! Thank you for deciding celebrate with us today! Today's Starcrossed Day! Do you know the story behind Starcrossed Day? It's so romantic! There's am old tale that says it's the only day Orihime can meet with her beloved husband Hikoboshi. Just like they wish to meet each other, we celebrate by making wishes too! I've prepared a little something to celebrate Starcrossed Day. Would you like to see? It's a bamboo grass! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the starry sky of <Town name> tonight!"
  • "Are you celebrating Starcrossed Day by meeting someone in town? Orihime and Hikoboshi can only meet once a year... But I want you to visit everyone in <Town name> as much as possible!"
  • "Do you think Orihime and Hikoboshi will get to meet this year...? I sure hope so!"
  • "I hope you get to spend a lovely Starcrossed Day with everyone!"


  • Traditionally, Tanabata is a Japanese star festival. The event is in remembrance of literally star-crossed lovers Hikoboshi and Orihime, who are separated by the Milky Way; however, they are able to meet once a year on the seventh of July. In Japan today, the event is celebrated by writing one's own wishes on an oblong piece of paper and hanging it from a branch of bamboo.