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The stegosaurus is a three-part fossil that can be donated to the museum in all Animal Crossing series games and collected by Happy Home Handbook in Happy Home Designer.

Donation to the museum[]

In Animal Crossing[]

In Animal Crossing, once the stegosaurus exhibit is complete, Blathers will give the player information about the creature through the following dialogue.

"Finally! The day has come! Our stegosaurus is complete! Dare I believe it? Might this not be some cruel dream? Nay, it is true, indeed! I say to you: HOOOO! Spectacular! Superb! My whole being thrills! Now then, where to begin? Much has been written about the noble stegosaurus... It was the largest of the plated dinosaurs, and lived during the late Jurassic period, wot wot. It is famous for the two rows of alternating, bony plates surmounting its body and its four formidable tail spikes. Ka-smash! Yes, that’s correct. It’s a tail-spike chop! Oh... Please pardon me! I was overcome with emotion."

In Wild World[]

Upon completion of the stegosaurus exhibit at the museum in Wild World, Blathers will give the player some information about the creature.

"It emerged right around the middle of the era when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The diamond-shaped plates embedded along its back are actually made of bone, wot? Indeed, they were used to keep it cool and also to thwart its enemies. Ah. Hoo. Indeed, so sorry. Stegosaurus never fail to set my beak blabbing!"

In City Folk[]

After donating all of the pieces of the stegosaurus to the museum in City Folk, Blathers will give the player information on the creature with the following dialogue.

"...It is done! Hootie hoo, the stegosaurus is all done! Absolutely spectacular! The stegosaurus appeared in the middle of the days of the dinosaurs. Its defining characteristics were the plates extending out of its back. These were actually bones, eh wot? They were used to regulate the beastie's body temperature, much as an elephant uses its ears. Its brain was so small, if you stomped its tail, it would not feel it for some time! Or so they say. HOO! I...beg your pardon! I was so enthralled I...I spouted hot air like a boiling teapot, eh wot?"

In New Leaf[]

In New Leaf, a plaque by the display offers information about the fossil instead of Blathers.

"The name stegosaurus literally means "roofed lizard" or "covered lizard." This name came from a belief at the time of discovery that it was covered in bony plates like a shell. We now know that the plates stood fully upright along its back and were covered in thick skin. Beyond protection from harm, they were likely used to regulate body temperature."

In New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, Upon donation or selecting "Tell me more about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"You can't talk about Stegosaurus without talking about the distinctive diamond-shaped plates on its back. These plates, while made of bone, were not actually connected to the animal's skeleton! They simply grew out from the skin, remarkably enough, they were up to two feet tall and similarly wide. It's not clear exactly how the plates were arranged or what they were for. Yet more mysteries of the ancients! "

The stegosaurus is displayed on the back wall of the second fossil room, next to the ankylosaurus.


As a furniture item[]

Name HRA Points Feng Shui Genre Size (sq)
Stego Skull 1,000 Brown (x2) Old School (WW)
Retro (CF)
Stego Tail 1,000 Brown (x2) Old School (WW)
Retro (CF)
Stego Torso 1,000 Brown (x2) Old School (WW)
Retro (CF)

Further Information[]

Main article: Stegosaurus on Wikipedia


  • In Wild World and City Folk, the information plaque for Stegosaurus erroneously states it is from the Late Cretaceous.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese ステゴサウルス Sutegosaurusu -
France French Stégosaure -
Spain Spanish Estegosaurio -
Germany German Stegosaurus -
Italy Italian Stegosauro -
The Netherlands Dutch Stegosaurus -
Russia Russian Стегозавр Stegozavr -
China Chinese 剑龙/劍龍 jiànlóng -
South Korea Korean 스테고사우루스 Seutegosauruseu -

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