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Stringfish Gallery

"OH MY GOSH! I caught a stringfish! Five more and I'll have a guitarfish!" —New Horizons

The stringfish is an extremely rare fish that appears in the winter from 4pm to 9am. It is caught in the river in games prior to New Leaf, and the clifftop rivers and ponds in New Horizons. It is one of the most valuable fish along with the coelacanth, dorado, golden trout, and great white shark, selling for 15,000 Bells. The term "stringfish" is a literal translation of the Japanese name; it is better known in English as the Sakhalin taimen or Japanese hucho, while its scientific name is Parahucho perryi. It is sometimes considered the winter equivalent of the dorado.

Donation to the museum[]

In Animal Crossing[]

"Hoo! Indeed, WOO hoo! This is an extremely rare fish, I'll have you know! I'm absolutely agog! If I may hazard a guess, this must have been the most difficult fish to catch yet! I almost can't believe it! To think, you're donating such a rare find to us... Allow me to commend you on your matchless generosity. We've been saving a place just for this day, wot wot! Have faith, this fish will be thoroughly treasured!"

In Wild World[]

This is Blathers's description of the newly donated fish:

"Hoo! Indeed, WOO hoo! A stringfish! I've heard it said that this fish is actually very high in fat content... If such words are true, then whatever possessed someone to name it that? If you were to call a portly fellow "stringy," well... Madness would ensue!"

The stringfish can be found in the middle tank in the aquarium.

In City Folk[]

Blathers will tell you the following about the fish upon donation to the Museum:

"...Stringfish are hardy creatures that can live for up to 15 years with ease! These older fish grow to remarkable sizes actually... One fish even made it to a gargantuan 80 inches! At that size, perhaps we should call it the king of the river! No wonder it looks so serene, eh wot?"

The stringfish can be found in the middle-left tank in the aquarium.

In New Leaf[]

The description plate in the museum will say the following:

"Stringfish live in cold rivers, can grow to over a yard long, and are stout and bulky like logs. They live up to 20 years but grow so slowly that it takes them 15 years to reach full maturity. They are called 'phantom fish' because there are so few of them. Adults are particularly hard to find."

In New Horizons[]

Upon donation or selecting "Tell me about this!", Blathers the curator will say:

"The stringfish grows slowly, but also lives quite a long time for a fish, with up to 15 years being typical. Consequently, while it takes a while, they can get quite large—perhaps even up to six feet long! The stringfish is perhaps the best embodiment in the fish world of 'slow and steady wins the race.' "

Fishing Tourney[]

Chip will not eat this fish during the Fishing Tourney in City Folk. He will mention that it is too special to eat as it is. However, he will accept it as an entry and will still measure it as usual.

Capture Quotes[]

"Oh boy! I hooked a stringfish! I was just stringing it along..." —Animal Crossing GCN
"Whoa... I caught a stringfish! I completely rock! YIPPEEEEEE!" —Wild World
"OH MY GOSH! I caught a stringfish! This is AWESOME!" —City Folk
"OH MY GOSH! I caught a stringfish! My theory really paid off!" —New Leaf
"OH MY GOSH! I caught a stringfish! Five more and I'll have a guitarfish!" —New Horizons

Encyclopedia information[]

Wild World[]

Encyclopedia Information
Stringfish (Wild World) "A relative of the salmon, they can live a long time. They are seldomly seen and very prized."
Size 4.9 feet
Habitat Rivers
Season Winter
Icon Stringfish (Wild World icon)

City Folk[]

Encyclopedia Information
Stringfish (City Folk)
"Rarely seen and treasured, these are known for having voracious appetites"
Size About 60 in.
Habitat Rivers
Season Winter

New Leaf[]

Encyclopedia Information
Stringfish encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"OH MY GOSH! I caught a stringfish! My theory really paid off!"
Size About 60 in.
Habitat Rivers
Season Winter

New Horizons[]

Encyclopedia Information
"OH MY GOSH! I caught a stringfish! Five more and I'll have a guitarfish!"
Habitat River (Clifftop)
Months active (north) December to March
Months active (south) June to September

Further information[]

Main article: Stringfish on Wikipedia

A Sakhalin taimen, the real name of the string fish.

Hucho perryi is one of the largest, most ancient type of salmon species which inhabits the lower to middle reaches of lakes and rivers. It is critically endangered. Females lay between 2,000 - 10,000 eggs each time on sandy/gravelly river bottoms, most of them do not hatch. The fish can be found in areas of the Northwest Pacific, namely Sakhalin, Hokkaidō and parts of the Russian Far East.

In other languages[]

Language Name Translation
Japan Japanese イトウ Itō -
France French Dai yu -
Spain Spanish Taimén -
Germany German Huchen -
Italy Italian Taimen -
The Netherlands Dutch Donauzalm -
Russia Russian Таймень Taymen' -
China Chinese 远东哲罗鱼/遠東哲羅魚 Yuǎndōngzhéluóyú -
South Korea Korean 일본연어 Ilbonyeoneo -

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