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Stumps (also known as Tree Stumps) are a type of flora in the Animal Crossing series. They first appear in Animal Forest. They do not occur naturally, but appear when a player has cut down a tree using an axe.


To create a stump, the player must first obtain an axe. A regular axe can be bought from Tom Nook's store or a Nookling store for 400 Bells. In New Leaf, the regular axe can be purchased from Leif's Gardening Store. In New Horizons, the player can obtain an axe through DIY or otherwise. Once obtained, the player must equip the axe and stand facing the tree when using the action button to swing the axe. After three swings, the tree will split revealing a tree stump.

In New Horizons, no stump will appear if the player uses a shovel on a tree while having at least one stamina.


In Wild World[]

In Wild World, tree stumps had very few uses other than for decorative purposes. It wasn't until later games that they developed a purpose.

In City Folk[]


A tree stump in City Folk

In City Folk, stumps became the only way of finding and catching Violin and Longhorn Beetles, which can be found sitting on top of tree stumps. Previous to City Folk, they could only be found on tree trunks with other beetles.

In New Leaf[]


Player sitting on a tree stump, a feature first added in New Leaf

In New Leaf, tree stumps were changed further. With the new ability of adding town features such as benches, tree stumps gained the ability of being used as seating. Villagers can sometimes be spotted sitting on tree stumps.

In addition, players also gained the ability of being able to find Special Stump Patterns when they have cut down a tree using an axe. The chances of finding stump patterns are increased when using a golden axe but guaranteed with a silver axe. In total, there are 12 patterns - 6 from cedar trees and 6 from fruit and non-fruit bearing trees.

If a villager moves in near a stump, it will disappear. This also happens when choosing a spot for a Public Works Project, as stated by Isabelle.

In New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, the special stump patterns from New Leaf were removed. In addition to the Citrus long-horned beetle and Violin beetle, the Jewel beetle can now be found on tree stumps, and a new bug, Rosalia batesi beetle, was also added.


Tree stumps can be removed by using a shovel when standing next to and aiming at the stump using the action button. The player will push the shovel underneath the stump and pull upwards, throwing the stump to one side where it will disappear. A hole will be left, which can be filled in with the shovel or by placing an item in place, such as a sapling.

Note that digging up a stump uses up one unit of durability for shovels in New Horizons.


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