Summer Campers
Tent in AC
Camp in AC
Service Villager accommodation
Provides Villagers
Hours All day
Appearances AC, AFe+
Regional names Unknown

In Animal Crossing, summer campers will visit the player's town every weekend during summer to camp, usually in July. They stay from 10:00 A.M. on Saturday until 2:00 P.M. on Sunday and can set up a tent in any spot where there is a sign.

If the player wants to go inside the tent, it is recommended to first drop any valuable items and large amounts of cash that the player is carrying outside the door. The inhabitants like to tell stories, have the player guess things, or challenge their player to little games depending on their personality. Some of the stories' outcomes are random and the player will end up losing items, so the player's best strategy is to bring things that the player does not mind losing. Similar to the challenges from igloo villagers, it is possible to get the beta DUMMY item from this game.

In Wild World and in future games, the models were used as camping gear set furniture, but the sleeping bag is a spotlight item. Most items are still sold at Tom Nook's store or Crazy Redd's.

Campers return in New Leaf, but in the form of a campsite PWP. The player has a chance to persuade camping villagers into becoming permanent residents of the player's town.

Furniture Items

There are nine exclusive furniture items to be won as part of the holiday specialties set:

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Color Size (sq)
Backpack - - 1
Bonfire - - 4
Campfire - - 1
Cooler - - 1
Kayak - Yellow 1
Lantern - Red 1
Mountain Bike - - 2
Propane Stove - - 1
Sleeping Bag - Green 2
Tent Model - Yellow 1
DUMMY - N/A (Possibly white) N/A