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Summer Solstice is a summer event introduced in New Leaf.


In New Leaf[]

The event marks the longest day of the year, in which the weather is sunny throughout the day, and remains so during the night, and the sun doesn't set. This phenomenon is known as the midnight sun. A face cut-out board, fit for two players and featuring a field of sunflowers, appears next to Isabelle in the town plaza, if there's an event on the plaza, Isabelle will be in the front of the town hall. Despite the constant sunlight, nighttime bugs still appear. In addition, the Island has separate weather from the town and so appears dark at night, rather than having extended daylight.


The player, discussing the Summer Solstice with Isabelle.

When speaking to the player, Isabelle will say "Hello, Mayor! Today is the Summer Solstice, so don't expect to see the moon at all tonight!" (Other dialogue available in the dialogue section). She will also give the player a pair of ladder shades. Isabelle remains in the town plaza whilst the event is running, therefore leaving the town hall and its functions inaccessible for the day. Throughout the Summer Solstice, Isabelle can be seen wearing a sky blue T-shirt with a sunflower pattern on it.

In New Horizons[]

In New Horizons, the Summer Solstice of Europe, or Midsummer is celebrated by Nook Shopping offering a limited-time commemorative item for sale from June 6 to July 6, the summer-solstice crown.

Unique Dialogue[]

During the Summer Solstice in New Leaf, the following dialogue is spoken:

Isabelle's Dialogue[]

  • "Hello, Mayor! Today is the Summer Solstice, so don't expect to see the moon at all tonight! I've prepared a little something for the Summer Solstice. You curious to see what I came up with? They're ladder shades! Seeing as how it'll remain so hot and bright all day, I figured these would come in real handy! Plus, they're the height of fashion!"
  • "Just what is the Summer Solstice, besides the day I melt into a puddle of fuzzy puppy fluff? Well, it's the longest day we'll have all year! It doesn't start Summer or mark the middle or anything. It's just the longest day, and it's hot, hot, HOT! Goodness, be sure to get a drink of lemonade today!"
  • "I hope you enjoy this super-looooooong day today, Mayor! But don't stay in the sunlight for too long, or else you might get a sunburn, and those are no fun!"
  • "Just because it's bright all day isn't an excuse to lose track of the time! I make sure to keep my watch with me at all times just in case I forget if it's morning or night. So right now it'd be--ACK! My watch! I forgot it at home!"
  • "Today's the longest afternoon of the year... That makes it a great day for playing!"
  • "I bet there's going to be a lot of people who stay up all night tonight. Though it seems really odd to talk about staying up late on a day when it never looks like it's late!"

Sisterly Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "<Player>! It's gonna stay out light tonight! Weird and thrilling... That's the Summer Solstice for ya! I'm getting excited, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "So the Summer Solstice isn't necessarily the hottest day of the year, right? But if the length of the day and the heat aren't always connected... where does the heat come from? Aw, man! Thinking about this tricky stuff just makes my brain even more hot! <Catchphrase>!"
  • "Hello, dear! Look! Look! The sun's really not going anywhere! <Catchphrase>!"
  • "Sun's up pretty high now... Is it really gonna be light out all night tonight, <Catchphrase>?"
  • "<Player>! Evening! that the right thing to say? I mean, it's light out, but according to the clock, it's nighttime! Weird, right? <Catchphrase>!"
  • "Hello, dear! Today's gonna be super long, so you better pace yourself, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "I didn't think I'd be so excited about having it light outside so late in the evening, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "Oh! Hey, <Player>! Today's the Summer Solstice! This whole sun-staying-out-all-night thing... It just doesn't sit right with a night owl like me, <Catchphrase>."
  • "Man... you again? Are you just super active 'cause of the Summer Solstice? <Catchphrase>!"
  • "Once you realize it's gonna be bright all day, all of a sudden you just want it to be dark! Ahhh! I can't wait for nighttime tomorrow! <Catchphrase>!"

Normal Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "Everyone in town is excited about having extra hours of daylight!"
  • "Having a good day, <Player>? I am! More hours in the day means more time for fun, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "Strange, I'm so sleepy. Wait. I guess it's not strange. It is nighttime after all, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "All this extra daylight is making me very productive. I'm taking care of all kinds of business, <Catchphrase>!

Cranky Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "'The longest day of the year.' When I was a kid, hearing that would really get me fired up! Doesn't it make it sound like you can play even longer than normal? Nowadays...the first thought that runs through my head is, 'It's really hot outside!' Awwww man, just listen to me! I've become one of those good-for-nothing adults! <Catchphrase>!"
  • "Yo, <Player>! Catchphrase>! That sun really isn't going down!"
  • "When we go from spring to summer, the days get warmer and warmer... Then the season kicks it up a notch at the Summer Solstice! If you're not a fan of heat, man, these next few months are gonna be brutal! That sun'll melt your face if you're not careful, so you'd better be careful! GAHAHA!"
  • "Yo, <Player>! <Catchphrase>! Uhh, good evening? Right?"
  • "Once we hit the Summer Solstice, that's when I can really slip into the summer mind-set! Make sure the heat doesn't wear you out, though, <Player>!"
  • "It just stays bright forever! <Catchphrase>.
  • "Yo, <Player>! I just realized it was

Smug Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "On the Summer Solstice, we're treated to both the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Wild! After today, the hot summer days are supposed to come... Are you ready for them yet, <Player>?"
  • "Hey again, good evening! The sun shouldn't stay out TOO much longer, I think, <Catchphrase>."
  • "Look at you, still shining so late at night! Just like this crazy Summer Solstice sun, <Player>."
  • "...You're asking me why the sun won't set today? I don't know! Maybe the sun is just jealous of my good looks? Hah ha!
  • "You know, nighttime is usually my chill-out time. But well, today's the Summer Solstice, <Player's Name>. I guess I'm going to have to stay in <villager's name> overdrive tonight, <Catcphrase>!"
  • "Whoa, is it really

Lazy Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "Umm... I don't know if I should be waking up or going to bed. Should I be snacking or snoozing right now? The Summer Solstice is kind of hard for me to wrap my head around, <Catchphrase>."
  • "It finally feels like summer now that it's the solstice! And summer means lots of different bugs! I'm gonna catch a whole mess of bugs this summer, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "It's great that it's still light out. Great in a kind of weird way, <Catchphrase>."
  • "There's no night today, so does it still make sense to call dinner "dinner"? I think I'm gonna call it "lunch the second"! Yeah, that sounds good!"
  • "Yo, <Player>! You soaking in the blazing sunshine, <Catchphrase>?"

Peppy Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "It just doesn't FEEL like summer until the Summer Solstice, right? But it's officially here now! Who knows what kinda crazy trends I'm going to try out this summer? Just wait and see, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "We gotta dance until the last rays go away! We won't have a day like this for another year, <Catchphrase>!"
  • "There's only one problem with the sun being up all day long - you gotta avoid getting a sunburn! Like, ouch!"
  • "The sun probably decided to stay out all day and night 'cause it knows how bright I shine! It's totally competing with me! Well, bring it on, Mr. Sun! Let's see who sparkles more!"
  • "I wonder how long I could stay awake if the sun decided to stay up and never set? I bet I could stay awake forever! Sleep is for babies and puppies!"
  • "It's STILL light out?! What an amazing night, right?"
  • "I hope you're still having a blast, <Player>. Gotta make the most of an extra-long day like today!"
  • "Hooray for the Summer Solstice! It's like my day is twice as long today, <Player>. Sun, sun, sun!"
  • "Keep the groove going, <Player>! The big disco ball in the sky is going to keep turning for hours yet!"

Snooty Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "It's evening, right, <Player>? With all of these extra hours of sunlight today, I'm a little lost. OK, pull it together, <villager's name>. It's night. Get it right."
  • "Good evening, <Player>. I can't believe it's already
  • "My, my, my, <Player>. You ARE making the most of your solstice today. You're outshining even the sun today. I'm impressed, <Catchphrase>."
  • "Oh, <Player>! I keep seeing you everywhere today! The Summer Solstice has really made you extra peppy, <Catchphrase>."
  • "There are all these extra hours of sunlight today. Are you getting as hot as I am? I'm starting to smell like a bucket of <some food?>! Which should never BE served in a bucket, <Catchphrase>."
  • "You again, <Player>? Between you and all this extra sunlight, I'm nearly worn out!"

Jock Villager's Dialogue[]

  • "Once we hit Summer Solstice, I really start getting pumped for summer! Summer is just awesome! I love running around and sweating like crazy!"
  • "Summer Solstice always puts me in a summery mood! Seems obvious, but I don't care. I'm super into summer now! Yeaaaaaah!"
  • "Since it's bright all day, we get to play all day long! YAY! I just wish every day would be Summer Solstice, <Catchphrase>."
  • "You sure you shouldn't be sleeping? It's still light out, but it's still night, you know. <Catchphrase>?"
  • "It's night already, but it would be a waste to go to bed when it's light out. Right, <Catchphrase>?"
  • "I just think it's amazing that the night is completely gone! I guess there are still a lot of things in the world that can surprise me! <Catchphrase>!"


The midnight sun is a phenomenon that can only be experienced north of the arctic circle and south of the antarctic circle at 66 degrees, 33', 44" N or S.

This phenomenon is when the sun doesn't set. Kiruna, the northernmost city in Sweden experiences this phenomenon for 50 days.



  • During this event, the sun will stay above the horizon for 36 hours.
  • On rare occasions, the Summer Solstice will be on the same day as the Bug Off. If this happens, both events will continue as normal, with slightly different dialogue and Isabelle will be standing in front of the Town Hall instead of the Plaza. The standee will also appear, with the tent for the Bug Off and Nat next to it. However, dialogue for villagers will be of the Bug-Off until 6 pm.