Sunburst Island (ポッカリ島, Pokkari Jima?, Pokkari island) is a location in Pocket Camp where the player can catch bugs and interact with villagers. The player's camper is on the far northeast corner and another player's camper is opposite of the player's camper. Close by the player's camper there is a stump where the player can put honey in to attract more bugs. The villager's camp is in the southwest corner. In the middle there are trees and open space where the player can catch bugs. Nearby the other player's camper, there is a coconut tree where the player can pick the coconuts from. If the player gets too close to the wooden bridge nearby their camper, the player will be prompted to open the map and travel to another area.

The villagers will often mention the stone structures surrounding the island and ask how they got there.



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