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Super Smash Bros. Melee is the second installment in the Super Smash Bros. series released in 2001/2002 for the Nintendo GameCube. It has no actual Animal Crossing characters playable, but features some Animal Crossing trophies.


Starting Characters

Name Description Special Moves
Mario SSBM

Mario Symbol

Mario is overall average, including strength and speed; he is one of the most balanced characters, and is a standard for the tutorial video. Standard Fireball
Side Cape
Up Super Jump Punch
Down Mario Tornado
Link Zelda Symbol Link is a slow character, but as the wielder of the Master Sword, his melee attacks have considerable range, which often compensates for his lack of speed. Standard Silver Arrow Shot
Side Boomerang
Up Spin Attack
Down Bomb
Kirby SSBM
Kirby Kirby Symbol Kirby is back as a light-weight fighter. He has retained his copy-cat style, and his multiple jumping keeps him floating away from danger. Standard Inhale
Side Hammer
Up Final Cutter
Down Stone
Pikachu SSBM
Pikachu Pokemon Symbol Pikachu is a lightweight character, with powerful moves. He is an agile character with heavy dependency on electrical attacks. Standard Thunder Shock
Side Skull Bash
Up Quick Attack
Down Thunder
Fox Star Fox Symbol Fox is quite fast, and his attacks are strong. He can use his Blaster to do damage to enemies without making them flinch. Standard Blaster
Side Fox Illusion
Up Fire Fox
Down Reflector
Samus SSBM
Samus Metroid Symbol Like Link, Samus has a slow pace and a heavy center of gravity along with powerful attacks. Her attacks can be punches or ranged attacks with her arm cannon. Standard Charge Shot
Side Homing Missile
Up Screw Attack
Down Bomb
Zelda SSBM
Zelda Zelda Symbol Light-weight yet slow, Zelda uses magical attacks that are hard to control, but do much damage when used successfully. Standard Nayru's Love
Side Din's Fire
Up Farore's Wind
Down Transform
Sheik SSBM
Sheik Zelda Symbol After Zelda uses Transform, she turns into her alter-ego, Sheik. Sheik specializes in swift movement, and powerful attacks when compared with her counterpart. Standard Needle Storm
Side Chain
Up Vanish
Down Transform
Bowser SSBM
Bowser Mario Symbol Bowser is the heaviest character. He is also slow; this is probably due to his immense attack strength and big size. Standard Fire Breath
Side Koopa Klaw
Up Whirling Fortress
Down Bowser Bomb
DonkeyKong SSBM
Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Symbol Much like Bowser, Donkey Kong is heavy and strong. His attacks may be slow, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in sheer power. Standard Giant Punch
Side Headbutt
Up Spinning Kong
Down Hand Slap
Yoshi SSBM
Yoshi Yoshi Symbol Yoshi is a power based character with strong smash attacks, and a decently heavy weight. He has the unique ability to put his fighters in an egg. Standard Egg Lay
Side Egg Roll
Up Egg Throw
Down Yoshi Bomb
Peach SSBM
Peach Mario Symbol Princess Peach makes her first appearance in a Super Smash Bros. game. She has excellent aerial techniques, and great at recovery and defense but is a very light character. Standard Toad
Side Peach Bomber
Up Parasol
Down Turnip
Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Symbol The Ice Climbers Popo and Nana make their Smash Bros. debut in Melee. The player controls either Nana or Popo, while a CPU controls the other. Killing Popo will kill the player, but killing Nana will leave Popo with weakened attacked. Standard Ice Shot
Side Squall Hammer
Up Belay
Down Blizzard
CaptainFalcon SSBM
Captain Falcon F-Zero Symbol Captain Falcon returns as a very fast player in Melee. Using speedy combo attacks, and good escape tactics, Captain Falcon proves as a tricky player to fight. Standard Falcon Punch
Side Raptor Boost
Up Falcon Dive
Down Falcon Kick
Ness Earthbound Symbol Ness uses ranged attacks and is fairly fast while in combat. His psychic powers from his first game, Earthbound, are carried on into Melee, as he can use a wide variety of psychic moves for his smash attacks. Standard PK Flash
Side PK Fire
Up PK Thunder
Down PSI Magnet


Name Description Special Moves
Dr. Mario SSBM
Dr. Mario Mario Symbol Dr. Mario is nearly the exact same fighter as Mario. Their smash attacks vary, but their fighting style is the same. He is slightly stronger than Mario, in terms of attack. Standard Megavitamins
Side Super Sheet
Up Super Jump Punch
Down Dr. Tornado
Falco SSBM
Falco Star Fox Symbol Falco makes his debut in Super Smash Bros. Melee. He is a very fast character with very strong projectiles. Expert Falco users are very hard to fight. Standard Blaster
Side Shadow Dash
Up Falco Phantasm
Down Reflector
Ganondorf SSBM
Ganondorf Zelda Symbol Ganondorf, the Dark Lord of Hyrule, makes his debut. He is almost exactly like Captain Falcon, except that he is much slower. To make up for this, he is also much stronger. Standard Warlock Punch
Side Gerudo Dragon
Up Dark Dive
Down Wizard's Foot
Jigglypuff SSBM
Jigglypuff Pokemon Symbol Jigglypuff, the Balloon Pokemon, is usually called by many Kirby Players "A weaker version of Kirby." However, with a tough rest move that instantly KO almost all the time, 6 jumps and a stalling move, Jigglypuff overall is one the best characters in the game. Standard Rollout
Side Pound
Up Sing
Down Rest
Luigi SSBM
Luigi Mario Symbol Luigi is Mario's brother. Even though he may look taller, he is still younger than Mario. With amazing moves different from Mario, Luigi is a great character. Standard Fireball
Side Green Missile
Up Super/Fire Jump Punch
Down Luigi Cyclone
Marth SSBM
Marth Fire Emblem Symbol Marth is a character from the Fire Emblem series. His blade is strongest at the tip. His Counter is a great move overall, and one the best characters in the game. Standard Shield Breaker
Side Dancing Blade
Up Dolphin Slash
Down Counter
Mewtwo SSBM
Mewtwo Pokemon Symbol Mewtwo is a Physic type Pokemon. Its attacks like Confusion and Disable are useful to stop opponents from attacking, with the addition of a floaty double jump. Standard Shadow Ball
Side Confusion
Up Teleport
Down Disable
Mr. Game & Watch SSBM
Mr. Game and Watch Game & Watch Symbol Mr. Game & Watch is the final character to be unlocked. His side special can instantly KO opponents if the number is a 9. Oil Panic can catch projectiles and release them as a gigantic oil spill! Standard Chef
Side Judgement
Up Fire
Down Oil Panic
Pichu SSBM
Pichu Pokemon Symbol Pichu is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. It still has the same attacks as Pikachu, but most of them give Pichu recoil damage. The best Pichu players often attempt to do combos. Standard Thunder Jolt
Side Skull Bash
Up Agility
Down Thunder
Roy Fire Emblem Symbol Roy is a clone of Marth, but he is still placed in the tier than Marth. Even though his moves maybe different and more powerful, Roy still has a big disadvantage. Standard Flare Blade
Side Double-Edge Dance
Up Blazer
Down Counter
Young Link SSBM
Young Link Zelda Symbol Young Link is a younger and more powerful version of Link. One of his advantages is his Fire Bow. Standard Fire Bow
Side Boomerang
Up Spin Attack
Down Bomb

Animal Crossing

Mr. Resetti, Tom Nook, and Totakeke are featured as trophies in this game.

# Name Image First Game / Move Description
267 Tom Nook TomNookSSBMTrophy Future Release This guy's the friendly neighborhood shopkeeper who kindly helps the player set up their first house. He has a nose for business, and his customer service is second to none. During the course of the game, his store starts as a corner shop, expands to become a convenience store, and finally becomes a thriving supermarket.
268 Totakeke TotakekeSSBMTrophy Future Release A wandering musician whose daily life is a bit of a mystery. He plays in front of the train station every Saturday night starting at 8.00 p.m. He has a large repertoire and plays both old and new hits from all over the world. His music is so ingrained in the villagers that it's impossible to imagine them living without it.
269 Mr. Resetti ResettiSSBMTrophy Future Release Prepare to receive a really long talking-to if you reset this game: the next time you play, Mr. Resetti will be waiting to deliver his best scolding. No matter what your intentions are, pressing the RESET Button will bring you face-to-face with this fervent character. Sometimes the only way to shut him up is to apologize.

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