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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting video game in the Super Smash Bros. series. The game was first announced during E3 2018, and was released worldwide on December 7, 2018. It is currently the latest of the Super Smash Bros. series, and features both Villager, returning from previous games of the series, and Isabelle, who first appears as a playable character in this game.


Though on the surface the game appears to be mostly similar to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, various quality of life improvements and additions were made in order to streamline this entry for competitive play. This time, players can customize their ruleset and save it before fighting. Additionally, the stage is decided before character selection with options for Battlefield and Omega (Final Destination) variations. Damage output is increased for one-on-one fights. Directional Air Dodges return but, dodging will be slower with increased use. When a fighter is going to fly off the screen or if certain attacks connect, the camera will slow down and zoom in on the hit. A mini-map will appear in the corner of the screen when a fighter is knocked a considerable distance and into the blast zone.

Final Smashes have changed for several characters with most becoming short cinematic finishers, such as Donkey Kong's Jungle Rush, and Bowser's Giga Bowser Punch. They can also be used with the Final Smash Meter which fills up during the fight, however this feature can be toggled off and Final Smashes have their power reduced when you use them with the meter. The game features a new Stage Morph option which allows two stages to be selected at once, transitioning between each other during a match.

New modes including Squad Strike (a 3v3 or 5v5 battle similar to the end of Smash Bros. for Wii U's Smash Tour mode) and Smashdown (in which players are forced to select a different fighter every match they play) have been added. The game features a new expansive Adventure Mode titled World of Light, in which players travel a massive map in search of Spirits (the replacement of Trophies for this iteration; visually and functionally similar to the Stickers from Super Smash Bros. Brawl).

Assist Trophies have been changed so that some of them can be attacked and KO'd. KO'd trophies can earn points for the player that defeats them. There are over 50 different Assist Trophies, including cameos from third parties.

Playable characters

Unlockable Characters

Bold: An Animal Crossing character.

DLC Characters

Representation of Animal Crossing

Isabelle as she appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Villager is a returning playable character, with most of his moves intact. Isabelle is upgraded from an assist trophy character to a fully playable character.

A number of Animal Crossing characters appear as supporting character in the game's new Spirit mode. Most of them serve as "Spirits", equippable power-ups for fighter characters. Certain Spirits have special abilities that can help navigate the World of Light overworld. For example, the Kapp'n Spirit can pilot a boat, while the Kapp'n (Wild World) Spirit can drive a bus.

Timmy and Tommy appear in World of Light as keepers of one of the shops. Copper and Booker serve as the masters of the Stone-Wall Style dojo, one of the training facilities for Spirits, which improves their defense stat at the cost of their offense stat.

In-Depth Character Analysis

Smash Attacks (only used on ground)

  • Up Smash has Villager charge and launch a Fountain Firework a few feet above his head. Does considerable multi-hit damage, but relatively poor knockback. Not recommended to use often. Up+A.
  • Forward Smash lets Villager charge and drop a bowling ball in front of him, dealing good damage and extreme knockback. If near the ledge, the bowling ball can drop off the ledge and disappears approximately 30 Villagers down. This is his best killing option. Left/Right+A.
  • Down Smash has Villager dig two holes with a Shovel, one in front then one behind. If hit by the shovel, the opponent gets buried for a few seconds and dealt some damage. Rotating the left joystick OR mashing buttons reduces your burial time. When the opponent is buried, it is suggested to use an uncharged Forward Smash to finish the combo. Down+A.
  • Up Smash makes Isabelle blow a whistle to summon a STOP sign infront of her that shoots up from the ground. It has decent kill potential, but is lacking in range, it only hits infront of isabelle and doesn't cover above her head like most other Up Smashes. It is also unsafe on shield and laggy.
  • Forward Smash is a party popper that Isabelle pulls out and pops. It's horizontal range and kill potential is more favourable than that of Upsmash, but is slow to start and has lots of endlag.
  • Down Smash is a bucket full of water that Isabelle empties out while spinning once quickly. It is very fast, one of the fastest in the game, but it lacks vertical range (as expected from a Down Smash) and doesn't hit hard. Best used to stop grabs or used immediately after spot dodging to give yourself breathing room.

Ground Attacks (only used on ground)

  • Villager's jab hits the opponent once per button press with his boxing gloves, dealing barely any knockback and little damage. Weak hit used for quick damage. A.
  • Up-Tilt makes Villager swing a stick twice for decent damage and knockback. Only use in certain situations. Hold Up, then press A.
  • F-Tilt hits the opponent with an umbrella, dealing low damage and weak knockback. Jab is better to use than this move. Hold Left/Right, then press A.
  • D-tilt has Villager pluck an invisible weed, quickly dealing good damage and knockback. Excellent for disrupting your opponent. Hold Down, then press A.
  • Dash Attack forces Villager to trip and throw a pot with a Sapling at the opponent. Good for spacing, but is very punishable. Press A while dashing. To dash, press Left/Right quickly.
  • Isabelle's jab uses a toy squeaky hammer and is unique, instead of having a flurry jab or 2/3-hit jab, it is a one-hit jab that can be used in rapid succession. It weakly pushes enemies away from Isabelle until they are out of her jab range, or, if they cannot be pushed away, then Isabelle will slide back until she can no longer reach. Options after landing 2-3 jabs include; Downsmash (To KO), Downtilt (To KO), Uptilt (For comboes to rack up percentage) and Forward Tilt (To KO). If opponent escapes jab, use defensive option (Dodge, shield) as most tilts/smash attacks will be able to punish past your jab.
  • Up Tilt is an overhead swing of a broom in an arching motion (Shaped like a rainbow, swung from behind to the front), comboes into itself at low percents and upair at middling percents. Because Isabelle is so short, this cannot reach opponents on a platform above her.
  • Forward Tilt is a disjointed (meaning it is a hitbox not connected to Isabelle's hurtbox) swing of an umbrella. Can kill at higher percents, good for displacing your enemy otherwise.
  • Down tilt is the same as Villager's. She plucks a weed out of the ground, launching opponents up and slightly away (in the direction Isabelle is facing). Fast but has a lot of endlag, not safe on-shield, lacks range aswell. Can kill at higher percents.
  • Dash attack is similar to Villager's. Good for spacing, can be easily punishable due to long end lag, but still safe on shield becuase it is a projectile that causes enough shield stun to allow Isabelle to recover. At low percents, can combo into uptilt to start a decent combo, at slightly later percents, use upair or fair instead.

Aerial Attacks (only used in the air)

  • Nair spins Villager in a somersault dealing low damage and knockback. Essentially an easy combo-breaker. A.
  • Up-Air and Dair has Villager thrust out 1-3 White Turnips for damage and knockback proportional to the number of turnips shown. Best option for a descending opponent. Up/Down+A.
  • Fair and Bair make Villager shoot his Slingshot horizontally. Excellent for spacing and defensive play. Left/Right+A
  • Neutral air makes Isabelle spin while holding out Pom-poms. Very fast, very low end lag. Good for escaping comboes and edgeguarding opponents with a subpar recovery. Due to very low landing lag, at low percents this can combo into jab or any of your tilts.
  • Up air and Down air are identical to Villager's, except Isabelle can only ever pull out 2 turnips, removing inconsistency and the chance of pulling only 1 turnip, but also the damage boost from pulling out 3 turnips. Upair can KO with relative ease, Downair has a meteor effect if landed precisely. Both are disjointed hitboxes.
  • Forward Air and Back Air are identical to Villager's. Shoots a blue pellet from a slingshot forwards or back, Back air is slightly slower, but hits harder and can kill if landed precisely immediately after shooting it out, also has slightly less end lag. Both attacks quickly lose damage, knockback and hitbox size as they travel away until disappearing.

Special Moves

  • Pocket lets Villager store a nearby projectile with B, then throw it with increased damage and knockback with B. Projectiles disappear after 30 seconds in storage. Villager gets a second of invincibility when using this move to store a projectile; this mechanic is especially useful when combined with wavebouncing or B-Reversal. Used to disrupt camping opponents or projectile-heavy characters like Samus or Mega Man. B. Can also be used to store items for later use, some items are used automatically upon un-pocket.
  • Balloon Trip has no canonical reference, instead it is from the NES game Balloon Trip. This enables Villager to fly back to stage and control his flight by mashing B and inputting directions. If Villager is in the air when the move ends, he will be put in freefall and cannot attack, air dodge, or jump until he dies, grabs the ledge, gets hit, or touches ground/water. This is by far the best recovery move in the game, but does not deal damage so be wary of unfriendly meteor smashes. Up+B.
  • Lloid Rocket has Villager place Lloid in front of him, where it ignites into an explosive rocket and flies forward approximately the stage length. Deals good damage and knockback. If the button inputs are held, Villager can ride Lloid for an inferior means of recovery, but this is not recommended. Villager will be put in freefall if he rides Lloid and he gets off early or Lloid explodes (unless it hits an opponent). Good for spacing and defensive play. Side+B.
  • Timber is a multi-stage move that first has Villager plant an oak sapling, water it with his Watering Can, then use his Axe to chop down the Tree in two strokes. Villager cannot plant a sapling while in the air. The watering can has a weak windbox that pushes opponents away. The axe is a very powerful forward stroke that does not need to be used on the tree, and should be used as another killing method. When the tree is growing, it deals hefty damage and knockback, but when it falls it deals extreme knockback and damage, being Villager's most powerful attack. Most opponents won't be slow enough to get hit by the tree, however. After being chopped down, the tree disappears and sometimes leaves a wooden block that can be thrown for weak damage. Rarely, a healing fruit appears instead. You cannot have multiple trees or saplings at the same time. Down+B (multiple times).
  • Dream Home is Villager's Final Smash and can only be used if Villager has broken a Smash Ball. Tom Nook will appear onscreen when used and direct Timmy and Tommy to build a red and white house around the target, which then explodes for massive damage and knockback, killing as low as 30%. This move should always be used once the Smash Ball is broken. B.
  • Neutral Special is Pocket which is identical to Villager's, can be used to store a item for later use, or steal/stop a projectile to release again for higher damage and knockback than before. Projectiles retain original travel trajectory (direction) and speed. Grants Isabelle invincibility for a moment and can be used to B-reverse, capable turning Isabelle in the air and reversing her momentum, good mixup so you don't land into an opponent waiting to punish your landing.
  • Isabelle's Balloon Trip (Up Special) is functionally the same as Villager's, but has a different appearance. Mash B to gain speed/elevation and input Left or Right to float in that direction. Vulnerable because it has no hitbox covering it like most other recoveries. It is difficult to regain speed and elevation if you slow down by not pressing B. If you are in the air and run out of use-time, you will enter free fall and cannot act (other than drifting left or right) until you touch the floor, grab a ledge, get hit or get KO'd
  • Isabelle's Side Special is a Fishing Rod which latches onto (grabs) opponents and reels them in, you can grab opponents as the 'bob' flies away, or you can press the button again to pull it back in which can also grab opponents. However, it is a Hit-grab, meaning it cannot bypass shields like a normal grab (similar to Terry's Buster Wolf). When an opponent is reeled in, input Up, Down, Forward or Back to throw the opponent in that direction. Upthrow can KO easily, backthrow has the least utilty as it throws opponents back and up too high to start a combo and not high or far enough to KO, Downthrow is a solid combo starter for forward air, or upair if your opponent DIs back/up. Forward throw can KO if at the ledge, some opponents with a sub par recovery might not be able to come back from it. It is very favourable for being more versatile than a normal grab (can be used in the air, or used to edgeguard and grab opponents as they attempt to grab the ledge) but it is very vulnerable from directly above, below or behind and slow to allow Isabelle to act again. Additionally, this can be used as a tether recovery, which in most cases, is faster and therefore safer than using Balloon Ride
  • Down special plants a Lloid mine in the ground. It is a trap that activates when someone stands directly on top of it, or when Isabelle inputs downspecial while there is already a Lloid mine active (This has a slight vulnerability period afterwards, similar to Snake detonating his C4). Lloid will launch straight up, attempting to catch any opponents and drag them up with him before exploding. This has some use besides just damage, the explosion can KO or greatly displace your opponent high in the air, leaving them in an unfavourable position. At very low percents, enemies can be hit with aerials as they get dragged up and are very unlikely to fall out of the rocket's hitboxes. Or, as opponents get dragged up you can catch them with Fishing rod in the air to KO with upair sooner than usual due to being closer to the top blast-zone.

Grabs and Throws

  • Villager's grab is slow and punishable, but has excellent range. He thrusts his Net in front of him to "catch" an opponent. Use when there is an opening. Although this is not practical for a few reasons, Villager can use grab to pick up items that will get sent to his pocket Wii U- L1/R1 OR L2/R2+A. 3DS- L OR R+A.
  • Pummel lets villager shake the net to deal weak damage. Not recommended. A.
  • Up Throw has villager throw the opponent upwards, acting as a kill throw at high percents. Up.
  • Forward Throw has Villager toss the opponent up and forward, dealing low damage and knockback. Do not use. Forward.
  • Back Throw is the same deal, but up and backward and acts as a kill throw. Back.
  • Down Throw chucks the opponent at your feet, bouncing them up and forward slightly and dealing moderate damage but low knockback. Good combo starter. Down.
  • Isabelle's grab is very similar to Villagers, it is very slow, and easy to punish, despite having better than average range. Isabelle can also use this to pocket items.
  • Pressing attack with an opponent in your grasp will pummel them, doing very low damage. Do NOT use at low percents, your opponent will be able to escape if they are even semi-proficient at mashing.
  • Upthrow can kill, but not as easily as Fishing Rod's upthrow, requires a higher than usual percentage.
  • Forward Throw will weakly throw the opponent up and forward, not recommended at all.
  • Down throw is a combo throw very similar to Fishing rod's downthrow, has the same implications.
  • Backthrow is a much better throw than forward air, it is capable of killing rather easily. At low percents, if you have Aura Sphere or a charge shot pocketed, you can confirm into this using backthrow, this can kill very easily at the ledge.


  • Villager's shield is a low-medium sized shield, so be wary of your shield breaking. Wii U- L2/R2. 3DS- R.
  • His roll is long and quick, and should be utilized often. Wii U- L2/R2+Left/Right. 3DS- R+Left/Right
  • Villager's spot dodge is a reference to the Surprised emotion and also lasts long and can be used quickly. Use it often. Wii U-L2/R2+Down. 3DS-R+Down.
  • Villager's air dodge is an average air dodge, so use it when necessary but don't become predictable. Wii U- L1/L2/R1/R2 (in the air). 3DS-L/R (in the air).
  • Villager's jump and double jump are average jumps that aid his aerial mobility and fair/bair spacing. X/Y/Up.
  • Villager's crouch is an average height, so it isn't necessary to use. Villager has no crawl. Down.
  • Up taunt shows Villager raising his hands in excitement, possibly a reference to an emotion. Up (DPad).
  • Side taunt has Villager dance by leaning side-to-side and shaking his arms up and down, again possibly an emotion. Left/Right (DPad).
  • Down taunt makes Villager poke and scratch at the ground with the same stick used in Up-Tilt. Down (DPad).
  • Isabelle is among the lightest fighters in the game, but also the slowest (in walking and running speeds). This is to encourage a more defensive playstyle. She is also among some of the smallest, some moves will be noticeably harder to land against her, e.g: Samus Upsmash attack.
  • Isabelle's shield is the same size as Villagers, be careful of shield-pokes and breaks.
  • Isabelle's rolls are among the shortest in travel distance in Smash ultimate. This can be used to your advantage when ledge trapping; if you expect your opponent to normal get-up, you can roll back as they get up so you can grab and use backthrow to try and finish the stock.
  • Isabelle's spot dodge is quick to start and quick to finish. Don't get predictable with this.
  • Isabelle's air dodge are average like Villager's. Don't get predictable.
  • Isabelle has an average jump like Villager, and is very floaty (low falling speed) with generous air speed. This greatly helps her off-stage game, paired with the (almost) unrivalled travel distance of Balloon Ride, she can go very far off stage to prevent the opponent from returning, securing the kill and not likely to KO herself in the process.
  • Isabelle's crouch doesn't reduce her hitbox by enough to justify using it regularly, along with her downtilt being a bad neutral option. She cannot crawl
  • All of Isabelle's taunts make her face the camera. Uptaunt makes her wave to the camera.
  • Side taunt is an applause with a joyful expression.
  • Down Taunt makes her flail her arms with extreme joy before finishing with a hop and outstretching her arms.
  • Isabelle has 2 idle animations. One where she turns her body to look back at her tail, and another where she stretches her arm out while the other bends in.




A Hard Worker's Dream

  • The tagline for Isabelle's playable status is most likely a reference to her debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • When discussing her duties as the mayor's secretary, Isabelle references that the mayor was busy with the campsite as well as Smash, the latter alluding to the Villager character being based on the playable character in the games (who acted as the town mayor in New Leaf). The former may be referencing Pocket Camp, or the town's campsite.
  • The trailer is directly referenced in the New Horizons teaser that immediately followed, where Tom Nook mentions it's nice that Isabelle is out trying new things, and was also seen watching the trailer on his computer monitor.
  • The trailer is the only one of the debut trailers (not counting the teaser for Ultimate, or Vampire Killer, Simon and Richter Belmont's debut trailer due to the Final Smash still being shown at the end of Simon's portion of the latter trailer.) that doesn't end with the character (in this case, Isabelle) using their Final Smash.
  • The trailer is also the only trailer to not show any conflict beyond the gameplay portions, fitting with Isabelle and the Animal Crossing series's more relaxed tone.
  • Due to it promoting both the new Animal Crossing and announcing Isabelle's inclusion as a fighter in Ultimate, it is the only trailer to not feature the Smash logo during the Direct, although that being said, it is shown in the individual trailer.

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