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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting video game in the Super Smash Bros. series. The game was first announced during E3 2018, and was released worldwide on December 7, 2018.


Playable characters

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Representation of Animal Crossing

SSBU Isabelle

Isabelle as she appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The Villager is a returning playable character, with most of his moves intact. Isabelle is upgraded from an assist trophy character to a fully playable character.

A number of Animal Crossing characters appear as supporting character in the game's new Spirit mode. Most of them serve as "Spirits", equippable power-ups for fighter characters. Certain Spirits have special abilities that can help navigate the World of Light overworld. For example, the Kapp'n Spirit can pilot a boat, while the Kapp'n (Wild World) Spirit can drive a bus.

Timmy and Tommy appear in World of Light as keepers of one of the shops. Copper and Booker serve as the masters of the Stone-Wall Style dojo, one of the training facilities for Spirits, which improves their defense stat at the cost of their offense stat.

In-Depth Character Analysis

Smash Attacks (only used on ground)

  • Up Smash has Villager charge and launch a Fountain Firework a few feet above his head. Does considerable multi-hit damage, but relatively poor knockback. Not recommended to use often. Up+A.
  • Forward Smash lets Villager charge and drop a bowling ball in front of him, dealing good damage and extreme knockback. If near the ledge, the bowling ball can drop off the ledge and disappears approximately 30 Villagers down. This is his best killing option. Left/Right+A.
  • Down Smash has Villager dig two holes with a Shovel, one in front then one behind. If hit by the shovel, the opponent gets buried for a few seconds and dealt some damage. Rotating the left joystick OR mashing buttons reduces your burial time. When the opponent is buried, it is suggested to use an uncharged Forward Smash to finish the combo. Down+A.

Ground Attacks (only used on ground)

  • Villager's jab hits the opponent once per button press with his boxing gloves, dealing barely any knockback and little damage. Weak hit used for quick damage. A.
  • Up-Tilt makes Villager swing a stick twice for decent damage and knockback. Only use in certain situations. Hold Up, then press A.
  • F-Tilt hits the opponent with an umbrella, dealing low damage and weak knockback. Jab is better to use than this move. Hold Left/Right, then press A.
  • D-tilt has Villager pluck an invisible weed, quickly dealing good damage and knockback. Excellent for disrupting your opponent. Hold Down, then press A.
  • Dash Attack forces Villager to trip and throw a pot with a Sapling at the opponent. Good for spacing, but is very punishable. Press A while dashing. To dash, press Left/Right quickly.

Aerial Attacks (only used in the air)

  • Nair spins Villager in a somersault dealing low damage and knockback. Essentially an easy combo-breaker. A.
  • Up-Air and Dair has Villager thrust out 1-3 White Turnips for damage and knockback proportional to the number of turnips shown. Best option for a descending opponent. Up/Down+A.
  • Fair and Bair make Villager shoot his Slingshot horizontally. Excellent for spacing and defensive play. Left/Right+A

Special Moves

  • Pocket lets Villager store a nearby projectile with B, then throw it with increased damage and knockback with B. Projectiles disappear after 30 seconds in storage. Villager gets a second of invincibilty when using this move to store a projectile; this mechanic is especially useful when combined with wavebouncing or B-Reversal. Used to disrupt camping opponents or projectile-heavy characters like Samus or Mega Man. B.
  • Balloon Trip has no canonical reference, instead it is from the NES game Balloon Trip. This enables Villager to fly back to stage and control his flight by mashing B and inputting directions. If Villager is in the air when the move ends, he will be put in freefall and cannot attack, air dodge, or jump until he dies, grabs the ledge, gets hit, or touches ground/water. This is by far the best recovery move in the game, but does not deal damage so be wary of unfriendly meteor smashes. Up+B.
  • Lloid Rocket has Villager place Lloid in front of him, where it ignites into an explosive rocket and flies forward approximately the stage length. Deals good damage and knockback. If the button inputs are held, Villager can ride Lloid for an inferior means of recovery, but this is not recommended. Villager will be put in freefall if he rides Lloid and he gets off early or Lloid explodes (unless it hits an opponent). Good for spacing and defensive play. Side+B.
  • Timber is a multi-stage move that first has Villager plant an oak sapling, water it with his Watering Can, then use his Axe to chop down the Tree in two strokes. Villager cannot plant a sapling while in the air. The watering can has a weak windbox that pushes opponents away. The axe is a very powerful forward stroke that does not need to be used on the tree, and should be used as another killing method. When the tree is growing, it deals hefty damage and knockback, but when it falls it deals extreme knockback and damage, being Villager's most powerful attack. Most opponents won't be slow enough to get hit by the tree, however. After being chopped down, the tree disappears and sometimes leaves a wooden block that can be thrown for weak damage. Rarely, a healing fruit appears instead. You cannot have multiple trees or saplings at the same time. Down+B (multiple times).
  • Dream Home is Villager's Final Smash and can only be used if Villager has broken a Smash Ball. Tom Nook will appear onscreen when used and direct Timmy and Tommy to build a red and white house around the target, which then explodes for massive damage and knockback, killing as low as 30%. This move should always be used once the Smash Ball is broken. B.

Throws (only used when an opponent is grabbed)

  • Villager's grab is slow and punishable, but has excellent range. He thrusts his Net in front of him to "catch" and opponent. Use when there is an opening. Wii U- L1/R1 OR L2/R2+A. 3DS- L OR R+A.
  • Pummel lets villager shake the net to deal weak damage. Not recommended. A.
  • Up Throw has villager throw the opponent upwards, acting as a kill throw at high percents. Up.
  • Forward Throw has Villager toss the opponent up and forward, dealing low damage and knockback. Do not use. Forward.
  • Back Throw is the same deal, but up and backward and acts as a kill throw. Back.
  • Down Throw chucks the opponent at your feet, bouncing them up and forward slightly and dealing moderate damage but low knockback. Good combo starter. Down.


  • Villager's shield is a low-medium sized shield, so be wary of your shield breaking. Wii U- L2/R2. 3DS- R.
  • His roll is long and quick, and should be utilized often. Wii U- L2/R2+Left/Right. 3DS- R+Left/Right
  • Villager's spot dodge is a reference to the Surprised emotion and also lasts long and can be used quickly. Use it often. Wii U-L2/R2+Down. 3DS-R+Down.
  • Villager's air dodge is an average air dodge, so use it when necessary but don't become predictable. Wii U- L1/L2/R1/R2 (in the air). 3DS-L/R (in the air).
  • Villager's jump and double jump are average jumps that aid his aerial mobility and fair/bair spacing. X/Y/Up.
  • Villager's crouch is an average height, so it isn't necessary to use. Villager has no crawl. Down.
  • Up taunt shows Villager raising his hands in excitement, possibly a reference to an emotion. Up (DPad).
  • Side taunt has Villager dance by leaning side-to-side and shaking his arms up and down, again possibly an emotion. Left/Right (DPad).
  • Down taunt makes Villager poke and scratch at the ground with the same stick used in Up-Tilt. Down (DPad).



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