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Super T&T (also known as the supermarket) is a store in New Leaf that is managed and owned by Timmy and Tommy. It is the third Nookling store upgrade in the game, with the previous store being T&T Mart and upgrades to T.I.Y.; Tom Nook previously owned and managed the Nook Store franchise, but has now become the manager of Nook's Homes, a real estate agency.

It is similar in appearance to Nookway, a store that appeared in other Animal Crossing series games. It also has limited open hours and a similar range of merchandise to Nookway.

The store contains three regular pieces of furniture, one piece of furniture that belongs on the wall, two carpets, two wallpapers, two fortune cookies, three tools, one bag of medicine, wrapping paper, two different packs of stationery, and one new stationery called melody paper.


To upgrade to the Super T&T store, the player must spend a total of 25,000 Bells in T&T Mart and 10 days have passed since the opening of the store. The player must also have had the Gardening Store constructed in the Town, and have had it open for 10 days.

To upgrade to the T.I.Y. store, the player must spend 50,000 Bells and have had both the Gardening Store and had Super T&T open for 21 days each before the option to upgrade is made available.


  • Upgrading to this store will change the music that plays on the Main Street. Specifically, it adds the added second variant of the song before the original default Main Street song.


In other languages

Super T&T
Language Name
Japan Japanese スーパーまめつぶ Sūpā Mame Tsubu
France French Super Mélimélo
Spain Spanish Súper T&N
Germany German SchNeppchenmarkt