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The Sweets Series furniture have appearances similar to different types of confectionery and desserts.

The Sweets Series appears in both City Folk and New Leaf. It can be obtained during the Autumn at GracieGrace in City Folk, and the T&T Emporium in New Leaf. It is the cheapest furniture series avaliable from Gracie. The price is 1,534,000 Bells for the full set. The pieces appear to be made of sweet things like biscuits, wafer, cake, chocolate, and ice cream. The Sweets Series starts on September 1 and ends on November 30.

The Wall and Floor appeared in previous games, known as the Fairy Tale wall and floor.

In City Folk, a bonus item called the Sweets Player can be obtained in the post from Nintendo (though it is oddly signed Labelle) after purchasing an item such as the retro helmet from GracieGrace the day that the Sweets Furniture first comes in. However, this item can be bought from the T&T Emporium in New Leaf.

Bettina and Melba own the wallpaper and flooring for this series. Merengue owns the sweets sofa and table. Penelope owns the sweets player and bookcase, while Apple owns the bookcase. Elmer also owns the sweets minitable, and Gala owns the bookcase.

Furniture Items

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Feng Shui HHA Theme(s) Style Size Info
Sweets Bed Sweets-bed.jpg 80,000 20,000 White/Beige Trendy/Playful - 4sq.svg Bed
Sweets Bookcase Sweets-bookcase.jpg 90,000 22,500 Brown/Beige Trendy/Playful - 2sq.svg Bookcase
Sweets Chair Sweets-chair.jpg 120,000 30,000 Brown/Beige Trendy/Playful - 1sq.svg Chair
Sweets Closet Sweets-closet.jpg 68,000 17,000 Brown/Beige Trendy/Playful - 1sq.svg Storage
Sweets Dresser Sweets-dresser.jpg 220,000 55,000 Brown/Beige Trendy/Playful - 2sq.svg Storage
Sweets Lamp Sweets-lamp.jpg 98,000 24,500 White/Colorful Trendy/Playful - 1sq.svg Lamp
Sweets Minilamp Sweets-minilamp.jpg 110,000 27,500 White/Colorful Trendy/Playful - 1sq.svg Lamp
Sweets Minitable Sweets-minitable.jpg 80,000 20,000 White/Brown Trendy/Playful - 1sq.svg Table
Sweets Sofa Sweets-sofa.jpg 80,000 20,000 Pink/Beige Trendy/Playful - 2sq.svg Chair
Sweets Table Sweets-table.jpg 240,000 60,000 Brown/Beige Trendy/Playful - 2sq.svg Table
Sweets Player (DLC) Sweets-player.jpg 50,000(CF)
Pink/White Trendy/Playful - 1sq.svg Stereo

Matching Wall and Floor

Item Name Image Buy Price Sell Price Available From
Sweets Wall Sweets-wall.jpg 124,000 31,000 GracieGrace
Sweets Floor Sweets-floor.jpg 124,000 31,000 GracieGrace


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