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Furniture in New Leaf are objects that can be placed in the player's house. Furniture can be bought from the Nookling stores or is available to the player by way of an event or through other means. The appearance of some furniture can be altered by bringing it to Cyrus.

Name Image Price Source Series Size
Alpine Low Table Alpine low table 2,000 Bells Nooklings Alpine series 2sq
Astro Table Astro table 3,000 Bells Nooklings Astro series 2sq
Balloon Table Balloon table N/A Balloons Balloon series 4sq
Billiard Table NL-Billiard table 1,800 Bells Nooklings - 2sq
Birthday Table ? ? ? ? 4sq
Blue Table Blue table NL 1,800 Bells Nooklings Blue series 4sq
Cabana Table Cabana table 40 Medals Tortimer Island Cabana series 2sq
Cabin Low Table Cabin low table 2,100 Bells Nooklings Cabin series 2sq
Cabin Table Cabin table 2,100 Bells Nooklings Cabin series 4sq
Card Table Card table 200,000 Bells GracieGrace Card series 4sq
Cardboard Table ? N/A Police Station, Re-tail Cardboard set 4sq
Classic Buffet Classic buffet 3,360 Bells Nooklings Classic series 2sq
Classic Table Classic table 1,600 Bells Nooklings Classic series 1sq
Dab Table Dab table N/A Fishing Tourney Fish set 4sq
Egg Table Egg table 1 Bunny Token Bunny Day Egg series 1sq
Exotic End Table Exotic end table 1,600 Bells Nooklings Exotic series 1sq
Exotic Table Exotic table 2,300 Bells Nooklings Exotic series 2sq
Flounder Table Flounder table N/A Fishing Tourney Fish set 4sq
Flower Table Flower-table 1,900 Bells Nooklings Tulip set 1sq
Glass-top Table ? ? Nooklings - 2sq
Golden Table ? 10,000 Bells + 3 Gold Nuggets Re-tail Golden series 2sq
Gorgeous Table Gorgeous Table 250,000 Bells GracieGrace Gorgeous series 2sq
Gracie Low Table Gracie Low Table 68,000 Bells GracieGrace Gracie's series 2sq
Grapefruit Table Grapefruittablenl 1,500 Bells Nooklings Citrus set 1sq
Green Table Green Table 1,700 Bells Nookling Stores Green series 4sq
Harvest Table ? 3,999 Bells Harvest Festival Harvest series 4sq
Ice Side Table Ice Side Table N/A Snowmam Ice series 1sq
Ice Table Ice Table N/A Snowmam Ice series 4sq
Jingle Table ? N/A Jingle Jingle series 4sq
Kiddie Table ? 2,200 Bells Nooklings Kiddie series 4sq
Lazy-Susan Table NL-lazy-Susan table 2,400 Bells Nooklings - 4sq
Lemon Table Lemontablenl 2,300 Bells Nooklings Citrus set 1sq
Lily-Pad Table NL-Lily-pad table 1,600 Bells Nooklings - 1sq
Lovely End Table Lovely End Table 1,800 Bells Nooklings Lovely series 1sq
Lovely Table Lovely Table 1,800 Bells Nooklings Lovely series 2sq
Mahjong Table NL-Mahjong table 5,040 Bells Nooklings - 1sq
Mermaid Table Mermaid Table 40 Medals Tortimer Island Mermaid series 2sq
Mini Butterfly Table Mini butterfly table N/A Bug-Off Insect series 1sq
Minimalist Minitable Minimalist Minitable 1,500 Bells Nooklings Minimalist series 1sq
Minimalist Table Plain Table 2,000 Bells Nooklings Minimalist series 2sq
Modern End Table ModernEndTable 1,900 Bells Nooklings Modern series 1sq
Modern Table ModernTable 1,800 Bells Nooklings Modern series 2sq
Modern Wood Table Mixed Wood Dresser 1,980 Bells Nooklings Modern Wood series 2sq
Mush End Table NL-Mush end table N/A Mushrooms Mushroom series 1sq
Mush Table ? N/A Mushrooms Mushroom series 4sq
Pansy Table Pansy-table N/A Weeding Day Flower set 1sq
Patchwork Table Patchwork table 2,000 Bells Nooklings Patchwork set 4sq
Pavé End Table Pave end table 3 Feathers Festivale Pavé series 1sq
Pavé Table Pave table 3 Feathers Festivale Pavé series 4sq
Picnic Table ? ? Nooklings - 4sq
Polka-Dot Low Table Polka Dot Coffee Table 2,400 Bells Nooklings Polka-Dot series 2sq
Polka-Dot Table Polka Dot Table 2,400 Bells Nooklings Polka-Dot series 4sq
Princess Table Princess Table 240,000 Bells GracieGrace Princess series 4sq
Patchwork Table Patchwork table 2,000 Bells Nooklings Patchwork set 4sq
Ranch Table ? 1,700 Bells Nooklings Ranch series 4sq
Ranch Tea Table ? 1,800 Bells Nooklings Ranch series 2sq
Reception Table ? ? Nooklings - 2sq
Regal Table Regal Table 2,540 Bells Nooklings Regal series 2sq
Ringside Table NL-Ringside table 1,320 Bells Nooklings - 2sq
Robo-Table Robo-Table 2,200 Bells Nooklings Robo series 4sq
Rococo Table Rococo Table 3,600 Bells Nooklings Rococo series 2sq
Sleek Side Table Pipe Stool 1,900 Bells Nooklings Sleek series 1sq
Sleek Table Pipe Table 1,600 Bells Nooklings Sleek series 2sq
Sloppy Table Patchwork table N/A Police Station, Re-tail Sloppy series 4sq
Snowman Table ? N/A Snowman Snowman series 4sq
Stripe Table Stripe table 2,020 Bells Nooklings Stripe_series 2sq
Sweets Table Sweets-table 240,000 Bells GracieGrace Sweets series 2sq
Tea Table Tea-table 1,000 Bells Nooklings Zen set 1sq
Tennis Table ? ? Nooklings - ?
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