I plan to move the fish list from the fishing guide to here. Also, I will change the "Item List" to a series of furniture lists -- paintings will probably be in their own list, and eventually there should be lists of things such as what qualifies as "white" furniture (something one of my villagers asked for -- a claw-foot tub qualified, for example, while a ship-in-a-bottle didn't [not that I thought it would]). -- Shivver

Sorry for the spam here... I am recording the information I need to organize here, and will remove it as I organize it.


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bitterling - Winter pale chub crucian carp - All year dace - All year barbel steed - All year carp - All year koi goldfish - All year popeyed goldfish killifish crawfish frog freshwater goby loach catfish eel giant snakehead bluegill yellow perch - Fall and winter black bass - All year pond smelt - Winter sweetfish cherry salmon char rainbow trout stringfish salmon king salmon guppy angelfish piranha arowana dorado gar arapaima [edit]Ocean Fish sea butterfly jellyfish seahorse clownfish zebra turkeyfish puffer fish horse mackerel barred knifejaw sea bass red snapper dab olive flounder squid octopus football fish tuna blue marlin ocean sunfish hammerhead shark shark coelacanth [edit]Garbage empty can boot old tire Retrieved from ""

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Exotic exotic bed exotic bureau exotic wardrobe exotic bench exotic chair exotic table exotic end table exotic lamp exotic screen exotic chest exoitc wall exotic rug [edit]Ranch ranch wall ranch flooring ranch bed ranch dresser ranch wardrobe ranch couch ranch armchair ranch chair ranch table ranch tea table ranch bookcase ranch hutch [edit]Classic classic wall classic floor classic bed classic vanity classic wardrobe classic chair classic sofa classic table classic bookcase classic buffet classic desk classic clock [edit]Regal regal wall regal carpet regal bed regal dresser regal armoire regal chair regal sofa regal table regal lamp regal clock regal bookcase regal vanity [edit]Blue blue wall blue flooring blue bed blue bureau blue wardrobe blue chair blue bench blue table blue bookcase blue cabinet blue clock blue dresser [edit]Cabana cabana wall cabana flooring cabana bed cabana dresser cabana wardrobe cabana chair cabana armchair cabana table cabana lamp cabana bookcase cabana vanity cabana screen [edit]Green green wall green rug green bed green dresser green wardrobe green chair green bench green table green desk green lamp green counter green pantry [edit]Cabin cabin wall cabin rug cabin bed cabin dresser cabin wardrobe cabin chair cabin armchair cabin couch cabin table cabin low table cabin bookcase cabin clock [edit]Modern modern wall modern tile modern bed modern dresser modern wardrobe modern chair modern sofa modern end table modern desk modern table modern cabinet modern lamp [edit]Kiddie kiddie wall kiddie carpet kiddie bed kiddie dresser kiddie wardrobe kiddie couch kiddie chair kiddie table kiddie bureau kiddie bookcase kiddie clock kiddie stereo [edit]Lovely lovely wall lovely carpet lovely bed lovely dresser lovely armoire lovely chair lovely loveseat lovely end table lovely table lovely vanity lovely kitchen lovely lamp [edit]Robo robo-wall robo-floor robo-bed robo-dresser robo-closet robo-sofa robo-chair robo-table robo-stereo robo-TV robo-clock robo-lamp [edit]Snowman (gotten from snowmen) snowman wall snowman carpet snowman bed snowman dresser snowman wardrobe snowman chair snowman sofa snowman table snowman fridge snowman TV snowman clock snowman lamp [edit]Mushroom (gotten from Acorn Festival) forest wall forest floor mush bed mush dresser mush closet mush chair mush stool mush table mush end table mush lamp mush stand mush TV Retrieved from ""

Desert cow skull desert cactus western fence saddle fence storefront covered wagon watering trough tumbleweed well wagon wheel [edit]Space asteroid moon lunar lander rocket lunar rover satellite space shuttle Spaceman Sam space station flying saucer [edit]Construction detour arrow handcart iron frame manhole cover orange cone traffic cone saw horse wet roadway sign steam roller jackhammer striped cone cement mixer brown drum green drum red drum haz-mat barrel oil drum [edit]Boxing boxing barricade red corner blue corner neutral corner judge's bell boxing mat ringside table weight bench sandbag speed bag [edit]Backyard birdhouse Mr. Flamingo Mrs. Flamingo garden gnome bug zapper hammock bird bath picnic table bird feeder lawn chair lawn mower barbecue backyard pool sprinkler tiki torch garbage [edit]Child's toys elephant slide stroller cradle baby bed clackercart merry-go-round rocking horse train set wobbelina dolly [edit]Labratory lab bench lab chair medicine chest Florence flask amazing machine unknown machine complex machine [edit]Chess black pawn black bishop black king black knight black queen black rook white pawn white bishop white king white knight white queen white rook [edit]medical skeleton anatomical model clear model vision tester trunk measure stadiometer scale hospital bed [edit]Instruments violin cello bass folk guitar country guitar rock guitar metal guitar ukulele ebony piano ivory piano Japanese drum vibraphone biwa lute harp metronome [edit]Games tennis table bowling pins basketball hoop ball return billiard table mahjong table dart board pinball machine arcade machine tabletop game stool [edit]Camping compass matryoshka backpack mountain bike propane stove cooler kayak lantern sleeping bag campfire bonfire [edit]Beach beach chair wave breaker surfboard Diver Dan beach table treasure chest life ring snowboard [edit]Kitchen kitchen sink kitchen corner deluxe range range stove tea set refrigerator retro fridge microwave toaster sink mixer Retrieved from ""

Writing writing desk writing chair globe [edit]office office desk office chair office locker coffee maker [edit]store checkout counter cash register [edit]Bears Papa bear Mama bear Baby bear [edit]Panda Papa panda Mama panda Baby panda [edit]Cactus tall cactus cactus round cactus [edit]Golf blue golf bag white golf bag green golf bag [edit]Red red armchair red sofa [edit]Totem Pole bear pole eagle pole frog woman pole raven pole [edit]Lava Lamp blue lava lamp purple lava lamp green lava lamp [edit]Japanese samurai suit black katana white katana ninja sword sword bow [edit]Nintendo Master Sword Arwing Triforce Metroid [edit]Vase tea vase red vase blue vase [edit]Lucky Cats lucky cat lefty lucky cat lucky black cat lucky gold cat [edit]Citrus grapefruit table lemon table orange chair lime chair [edit]Pear pear wardrobe pear dresser [edit]Watermelon watermelon chair watermelon table melon chair [edit]Apple apple TV apple clock [edit]Frog lily-pad table froggy chair [edit]Pine pine chair pine table [edit]Tulip tulip chair tulip table [edit]Iris iris chair iris table [edit]Daffodil daffodil chair daffodil table [edit]Drums conga drum djimbe drum timpano drum [edit]Garbage trash can garbage pail garbage can trash bin [edit]Post Pantheon post Ionian post Corinthian post broken post [edit]Egypt pyramid sphinx mummy's casket Retrieved from ""

Fruit apple orange pear peach cherry coconut [edit]Baby Trees sapling cedar sapling [edit]Paint sold at Nookingtons gray paint brown paint red paint pink paint orange paint yellow paint pale green paint green paint dark green paint turquoise paint sky blue paint blue paint navy paint purple paint lilac paint hot pink paint [edit]Turnips 10 turnips 20 turnips 30 turnips 40 turnips 50 turnips 60 turnips 70 turnips 80 turnips 90 turnips 100 turnips red turnip red turnip seed spoiled turnips [edit]Acorns acorn large acorn small acorn round acorn rotten acorn [edit]Quest Items UFO part present medicine [edit]Nintendo Event garbage [edit]Misc. pitfall seed timer note in a bottle fossil Retrieved from ""

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