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I found this on a website somewhere- is there any information here that's not covered on the page?

June 16, 2003 - In a little more than one week Japanese GameCube owners will get their hands on an upgraded version of last year's sleeper hit, Animal Crossing.

Essentially an expanded edition of the US release, Doubutsu no Mori e+ includes all the features Nintendo added for the American version such as e-Reader compatibility and GCN-to-GBA NES game downloads, plus a slew of other little upgrades and bonus games.

Here's a list of changes (we prefaced any features not included in the US release with the word "NEW"):

NEW: Upgraded animal designs NEW: Conversations and topics are changed NEW: All-new events added NEW: More than 100 additional items NEW: Visit the island without a GBA NEW: Make new friends by scanning e-Cards at the wishing well Receive items using passwords NEW: Save village data on SD Cards (using the SD Memory Card adapter) NEW: Take photos of village life, store on SD Cards, and print using photo printers, etc. Transfer data to the game using the e-Reader Get letters from animals and import designs via cards NEW: Link up to the GBA and play all-new mini-games Download NES games to the GBA via the link cable. Because many of the features were already included in the US edition, Nintendo is currently not planning to bring the Doubutsu no Mori e+ upgrade stateside. Here's hoping the already-talked-about Animal Crossing 2 isn't far behind.

Doubutsu no Mori e+ is set to ship on June 26. It will be the first game to utilize Nintendo's new SD Memory Card Adapter. Bad.pngMeep.png 19:33, 21 May 2009 (UTC)


Should we merge this with the North American version of Animal Forest (aka: Animal Crossing)? GabiStar 00:36, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Both seem to be different. Although it maybe an idea if no images are added MerrytonRyan 00:45, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Which game is this?

Hello, just passing by here... Almost all of the info on this page refers to e+ instead of +. It looks like someone was confused when they wrote it. ~ Kimbles 17:13, May 11, 2010 (UTC)


As far as I am aware only the Herabuna (if it exists) being switched with the Brook Trout was the only change in terms of fauna. If not, then this Wiki is missing things. Taliseth 17:42, November 24, 2011 (UTC)