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In Wild World only, the Bulletin Board displays a variety of different posts. One of the series of posts made by a resident (who is rumoured to be Phyllis) is Talking to Myself.

Talking to Myself posts are posted fairly periodically, about once every week or so. When they are posted, their contents may contain anything from life-enhancing tips and tricks to really unnecessary information.


  -Talking to Myself-

If you put too much milk
and sugar in your coffee,
just think of it as milk
tea when you drink it!
  -Talking to Myself-

I'm making a daily diary
of what I eat. Did I really
chow 17 chocolate waffles
yesterday?! URP!
  -Talking to Myself-

To make food look more
appealing, use a nice dish
and arrange the plate
well! It's cheap and easy!
  -Talking to Myself-

My sister keeps buying big
cakes and eating them all.
I wish she'd share with
me! I ♥ cake!
  -Talking to Myself-

Today's daily riddle: Needs
no shoes, has a tail, can
be found in a garden pail.
Oh! I forgot the answer!
  -Talking to Myself- 

There's someone in this
town whose face makes me
crave spicy curry! ...No,
I WON'T tell you who it is!
  -Talking to Myself- 

When I count money at the
town hall, people always
ask if I like my job.
It makes me kind of sad.
  -Talking to Myself- 

I just saw this movie
where two hedgehogs fell
in love! The ending was so
cliche! Bah! Unbelievable.
  -Talking to Myself- 

Who was it that decided 
some things "shouldn't be
seen"? I'll see what I
want! ...Unless it's GROSS!
  -Talking to Myself- 

My sister said, "Your tea
tastes like sludge!"
I'm never making tea for
her again. What a grump!
  -Talking to Myself- 

I just found out that my 
sister's been pawning her
work off on me. She owes
me a thank-you gift!
  -Talking to Myself- 

I'm thinking about what to
send my dad for his next
birthday... Maybe he wants
a big cookie! Yummy!
  -Talking to Myself- 

I loved homing pigeons as
a kid. It would be fun to
get paid for delivering
letters to folks!
  -Talking to Myself- 

When I see my sister 
talking to Pete, it makes
me feel kinda strange...
Must be something I ate.
  -Talking to Myself-

You don't ever really talk
to yourself when you're 
alone, do you? Nah, I'd
never do that... Oops!
  -Talking to Myself- 

We are alive because we 
have big hearts, right?
...So what about bugs?
Do they have tiny hearts?
  -Talking to Myself- 

Try to get your work done
swiftly and efficiently.
But don't work too fast,
or you'll go crazy!!!
  -Talking to Myself- 

What do you think of the
name Pelly? I prefer more
distinctive names...
Like Pellina! Or Pelliford!
  -Talking to Myself- 

I wonder why "bad boys" 
always wear sunglasses?
I bet it's because they
actually cry a lot. Babies!
  -Talking to Myself- 

Is it a bad thing to make
copies or serve coffee?
I kinda like it, actually,
so why stop now?!
  -Talking to Myself- 

I wear a bathing suit in
the tub, in case of an
earthquake. Maybe I
watch too much TV.
  -Talking to Myself- 
Really small things are
called mobile, right? So
what about mobile homes?
That's kind of weird.
   -Talking to Myself-

Wondering why I post my
thoughts here? ...I guess
I'm curious what other
people think.
   -Talking to Myself-

When I was little, kids
called me the librarian,
but I'm not a librarian!
Kids can be so cruel...
   -Talking to Myself-

They say worms wriggle,
but what does that really
mean? Wriggle, wriggle,
wriggle! Tee hee hee!
-Talking to Pete's Self-

Check your mail daily!
If your mailbox is full,
we can't deliver letters.
Help us help you!
   -Talking to Myself-

What's worse? Running
from a problem before it
starts or leaving in the
middle? Just curious.
   -Talking to Myself-

I wonder about these guys
who watch TV all day. Of
course, I shouldn't talk!
I watch TV every night!
   -Talking to Myself-

If you're nervous about
going somewhere for the
first time, pretend you're
an old lady. Works for me!
   -Talking to Myself-

If you want to make my
sister mad, just cut her
bread really thin.
She hates that!
   -Talking to Myself-

I wonder if my sister intentionally leaves the curtain out of the tub

just to make me mad?
   -Talking to Myself-

Blathers says that the problem with me is that I'm too right-brained.

Who knew he was a lefty?!
   -Talking to Myself-

When I was in middle school, I was on the volleyball team. Receive!

Set! Spike! I miss it.
   -Talking to Myself-

I'm very popular in the kids' section of the library... Sigh...

Oh, Pete...
   -Talking to Myself-

Does toilet paper become cuter when a design is added to it? Mine is

covered with puppies!
   -Talking to Myself-

If local folks came with instruction manuals, I'd want one for my sister

and about five for Pete!
   -Talking to Myself-

I love pop music, but I can't understand what they're saying!

"Doo wop bop?" Huh?
   -Talking to Myself-

Do you want to know what my base salary is? I can't tell you exactly, but

there are lots of zeroes!
   -Talking to Myself-

What color should I dye my feathers? Red is too bright. Blue makes me

look sick. Maybe I won't.
   -Talking to Myself-

How many cherry tomatoes is enough? Three? Twelve? No, that's too many.

Maybe I'll try four.
   -Talking to Myself-

Things that are hard or difficult are more fun when you do them with

samba music! Try it!
   -Talking to Myself-

Have you ever eaten "Swamp Delight"? Not me! I don't see how THAT

could taste good!
   -Talking to Myself-

Pinecones fall from trees, but they aren't fruit. That's why pine trees

are my favorite plants!
   -Talking to Myself-

Hip hop hippity hop... Hip hop hippity hop... That song is popular in

every town but mine! Boo!
   -Talking to Myself-

Katrina told me that the pelican was the symbol for savings. I'm not sure

how I feel about that.
   -Talking to Myself-

If you know someone nice, introduce him to me! I'm

single, ya know!
   -Talking to Myself-

I don't mean to brag or anything, but I'm both cute AND smart! So why

am I still single?
   -Talking to Myself-

I'm terrible at directions! I need one of those car navigation systems hung

around my neck.
   -Talking to Myself-

I work very hard, but I also enjoy my free time! I'm young, cute, and

single! Hint, hint!
   -Talking to Myself-

I just ate some candy with the same amount of vitamin C as 300 lemons...

I'm covered for life!
   -Talking to Myself-

My sister likes to pig out before bed. She can chow down 7 or 8 donuts in one

sitting... It's impressive!
   -Talking to Myself-

Sitting on a hot wharf... gazing into nothingness... Fishing is boring! I just

don't get it!

Just one bite won't hurt Yum bite gobble gobble Yum

I ate twelve cupcakes
   -Talking to Myself-

When she was younger, my sister loved airplanes. She'd put slippers on her

open wings and fly!
   -Talking to Myself-

I can't tell which talk show is real and which one is fake...and if I don't

know, I don't wanna watch!

I prefer my jelly rolls moist and rich and cakey. But yesterday, I ate a

roll that was all dry!
   -Talking to Myself-

It's odd how even the chattiest people get quiet in elevators!

Except for my sister...
   -Talking to Myself-

I really envy comedians. Even when they don't feel like laughing, they make

other people laugh.
   -Talking to Myself-

I heard that really orange eye shadow and pink gloss are must-haves! I gotta

read more Ms. Nintendique!
   -Talking to Myself-

Wish from your heart, and it's sure to come true... But sometimes not quite.

That's how fate works.
   -Talking to Myself-

As a kid, I always wanted to have picnics by myself. But then I got lonely, so

I stopped. Too bad...
   -Talking to Myself-

I've always washed my own lunchbox, and my sister's, too. Siiiiigh! Some things

never change!
   -Talking to Myself-

Classical music... Allegro is faster, andante is laid back, and al dente is the

only way to cook pasta.
   -Talking to Myself-

There's a kind of spicy chili pepper called The Birdseye... I'm really

scared of it!
   -Talking to Myself-

My sister's been going to hotels lately, so one day I followed her. She was

eating the free buffet!
   -Talking to Myself-

I filled an empty water bottle with ordinary tap water and... PRESTO!

Homemade water!
   -Talking to Myself-

The other day my sister baked me a cake. It was disgusting! AND shaped

like a bug!
   -Talking to Myself-

How can salsa be a kind of dance, a kind of music, AND a kind of dip? It's

the miracle word!
   -Talking to Myself-

If something can sit vertically or horizontally, I always set it

horizontally. Safety first!
   -Talking to Myself-

Why is eight afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine! Get it? Ate? Eight?

   -Talking to Myself-

"DON'T DO THIS, MAN!" That was a line in a movie I saw... I hope I can say

that someday!
   -Talking to Myself-

I want to get my driver's license. Then I can take my boyfriend for

a ride in my convertible.
   -Talking to Myself-

I write down everything I want and then cross it off the list when I

get it! It's a big list.
   -Talking to Myself-

If my life were a comic, I'd be in the 2nd or 3rd issue. It'd be a romance!

My sister's would be sad.
   -Talking to Myself-

The McIntosh apple? Whatever happened to Red

and Golden Delicious? Huh?
   -Talking to Myself-

Apples are white right after you peel them, but turn brown after a while.

It's kind of symbolic.