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A player looking through the telescope.

The telescope is a piece of equipment located in Celeste's part of the museum in Wild World. Players can design a whole range of constellations which can be seen in the skies at the right time and in the right weather conditions. Normal and peppy villagers will the player's constellations and comment positively on them. Players can name and edit each others constellations too.

Players may also go stargazing, which is one of the options Celeste mentions when they first approach it. The reason she allows the player to design them is because when first spoken to, she mentions a discount star chart Blathers had bought her, unaware it contained no constellations. Celeste mentions how great it would be for the player to see some in the sky. Once entered into the charts, Celeste will ask the player the time and date to see it best, which can be set at any month of the year.