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This article is about the act of terraforming. For the Island Designer app, see Island Designer.

A player terraforming

Terraforming, also referred to as landscaping, is the act of transforming a deserted island's landscape in New Horizons. It is a popular term in the New Horizons community, although the term "terraforming" is a bit of a misnomer, namely due to the fact that it isn't the act of changing the conditions of a planet to sustain life but rather the transformation of the terrain on an island.

How To Landscape

To landscape ("terraform"), use the Island Designer app. The player will need to gain a permit from Tom Nook to unlock certain features of the app, which will allow specific "landscaping options". The player can obtain extra path and landscaping options by using Nook Miles at the Nook Stop.


  • In-game, the game refers the act of modifying terrain as "landscaping" and not the popular term "terraforming".
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