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The Roost Gallery

The Roost (喫茶(きっさ)ハトの() Kissa Hato no Su?, Café Pigeon's Nest) is a café in the Animal Crossing series. It made its first appearance in Wild World. It is run by Brewster and serves different blends of coffee a day for 200 Bells, one cup purchasable per day.

From time to time, other special characters will visit the Roost and be sitting at the bar with a cup of coffee, usually before or after their work hours. They can be approached and spoken to, sometimes offering an insight into their personal lives.


In Wild World[]


On a Saturday night after 8:00 PM, K.K. Slider will play music for the player in The Roost. Just like in earlier Animal Crossing series titles, the player can pick any song of K.K. Slider's or have one randomly selected. After K.K. finishes singing, he will give the player a copy of the song to take home to play on their stereo. Only one song can be obtained per Saturday. However, the player can hear another one of K.K.'s songs if there is no room in their pockets to hold a piece of music. To request a song, it must be typed exactly as it is written, including spaces, periods, symbols, and capitals.

In City Folk[]


4 player Wi-Fi Roost

Four players over Wi-Fi

In City Folk, the Roost retains its services last seen in Wild World, with the addition of villagers who now enter the Roost. K.K. will now give encores, but he will only give the player a bootleg copy of the first song he plays (unless, as in Wild World, they have no room for the first song in their pockets).

Gyroid Storage[]


K.K. Slider performing on stage in The Roost in City Folk

In addition to encores and villagers, the coffee shop has utility as a storage device. If a player buys a cup of coffee each day for seven days straight, Brewster will ask the player if they would like to store their Gyroids with him. Brewster will not want to offer this service if all of the coffees are not drunk right away while they are still piping hot.

This allows to free up space in the player's house's closets and rooms. However, he will only keep one of each Gyroid.

It is possible to see a few Gyroids on Brewster's shelves, especially during a K.K. Slider show.

In New Leaf[]


The cafe's mat.


Up to four players can now sit in the café.

In New Leaf, the Roost is now its own building and is again run by Brewster. The building is purchasable as one of the Public Works Projects once the second floor of the museum has been completed, 50 donations were achieved (with at least one in each category), and seven to ten days have passed. After that, Blathers will be seen thinking about his friend, Brewster. The building can be built anywhere in the town, with Isabelle helping the mayor choose a suitable spot. It cannot be demolished after it is built.

Three gyroids can be seen at The Roost. They appear to be an Oombloid in the pot outside, and a Tall Gongoid and Mega Buzzoid on the shelf behind the counter.

The player may also work at the Cafe once the requirements for drinking coffee is met.



The Roost Café - Animal Crossing New Leaf Music

The Roost music in New Leaf

The café is used by villagers who live in the town and those who live in towns that the player has visited. Special characters also enter occasionally. They will visit at random and can be found sitting at the bar drinking coffee.

The day after the player has bought their third cup of coffee, Brewster will allow them to buy coffee to go at the side counter; this coffee can be carried like a tool. Pressing the A button causes the player to take a sip, with the longer fifth sip finishing the drink. On Valentine's day, the player will receive hot chocolate instead of coffee as a gift from Brewster.

After the player's eighth cup of coffee, the player unlocks the option to adjust the type of coffee beans, amounts of milk, and sugar spoonfuls for their ninth and subsequent coffees. These three ingredient groups will guarantee once for the player's ninth, tenth, or eleventh coffees, unless on a special occasion such as Valentine's day. Afterwards, the ingredient groups (coffee beans, milk, sugar) will be randomized by Brewster on every subsequent coffee after the eleventh coffee. The player will always comment about the taste of a certain selected available ingredient of their choice.

Working in the Café[]

See also: Café Series and Coffee Preferences

The player preparing a coffee for Cyrano

When the player has bought and drank seven coffees [1]they will have an option to work behind the bar as a barista between 11:00 am and 11:00 pm on non-holiday days and if there is no event going on in town. The player is usually not allowed to work if a villager or a special character is already at the bar. The player will be able to serve drinks to villagers, each with different preferences of coffee beans and amounts of milk and sugar. At the end of their shift, Brewster gives the player payment in the form of coffee beans.

The more villagers that are served their favorite drink, the more valuable the payment is. The payment will be one of the following types of coffee beansplain coffee beans (sellable for 500 Bells),  good coffee beans (sellable for 1000 Bells),  or superb coffee beans (sellable for 2000 Bells). In addition to the daily reward, the player may get an item of furniture from the Café Series. The player can place the item in their house if they have served a certain amount of favorite drinks in total. With the exception of a few non-villager NPCs, the amount of milk and sugar requested in one's coffee is always the same, making it a little easier to remember.

Special Characters[]

Cafe awesome

DJ K.K. found at the Cafe

During certain times of the day, special characters may be found sitting on a stool by the counter. Below are the characters and their times:

Also, while working as a barista, special characters may appear as customers, often surprised to see the player behind the counter. They each have their own coffee preferences.

In New Horizons[]

NH-The Roost

Don Resetti sitting at the bar in the cafe.

The Roost is a Museum expansion, following the art expansion. it was added to the game for the 2.0 update.

If the player starts a new island, the requirements needed to unlock The Roost are as follows:

  • A 3-Star island rating.
  • The second floor art wing of the Museum by donating at least 60 items in total to Blathers (among the sixty, donate at least one bug, fish, sea creature and a piece of art).

When the player enters the museum, they will see Blathers pondering. When talked to, he will explain that he wants to attract more visitors through the opening of a cafe but would need to enlist the help of Brewster, who happens to be an old friend of him. He then goes on that all traces of the barista has gone cold, but still hopes on the fact that he might be around. The curator then asks the player to go and find him, using an old photo of Brewster to help them identity him.

After talking to Blathers, the next island you visit through Kapp'n, he will be present there. Upon explaining to Brewster that his old friend is looking for him, he'll agree to move to the island to set up the Roost and will give the player a gyroid fragment; Explaining that they can be planted and then watered and will be fully grown the next day.

When you have successfully convinced Brewster, and talked to Blathers afterwards, the museum will close the following day for renovation.


Like in the previous titles, the player may talk to the patrons, enjoy a cup of coffee from Brewster and invite villagers or friends at the tables.

One of the newer features in New Horizons is the ability to invite NPCs with Amiibo via the phone opposite the bar. There are also gyroids in the back room of The Roost which hint that he might provide gyroid storage in the future.

In Animal Crossing: The Movie[]


Cyrano in Gekijōban Dōbutsu no Mori

The Roost is also shown in the movie in which some scenes take place.

In Animal Crossing: The Movie, Ai comes to The Roost in order to find Apollo. Once she arrives, she meets Cesar and Cyrano. Once Apollo arrives, she delivers the package that he had ordered from Tom Nook, then apologizes for the destruction of his flowers, which she had accidentally crushed during the delivery. Apollo compliments Brewster on his coffee, takes his package, and leaves.

Ai is also seen at the Roost after Margie moves away. She sadly asks Brewster for a cup of coffee. She then hears K.K. Bossa, Margie's favorite song. She starts crying for her friend. Whitney, who is sitting across from her, consoles her, saying that if she believes in herself, her and Margie's bond will never fade. When Ai leaves, Whitney compares two women's bond to a bond between a man and a woman, and no matter how she tries, she will never return it to the way it was.

Coffee Ingredients[]

When serving coffee, coffee beans, the amounts of milk, and sugar spoonfuls can be selected. Some characters specifically request a certain coffee selection and a certain amount of milk and sugar for their coffee.

Amount of Milk[]

  • None
  • A little bit
  • Regular
  • Lots

Sugar Spoons[]

  • None
  • One spoon
  • Two spoons
  • Three spoons

Selective Coffee (Beans)[]

  • Blend
  • Blue Mountain
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Mocha


  • Brewster literally 'rules the Roost', because he is in charge of it, and he works there. To "rule the roost" means to be in charge of a business, and since Brewster lives and works there 24/7, he is literally 'ruling the roost'.