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Throw net
とあみ Toami

Type Item
Durability One Use
Stackable No
Availability Purchasable
Appearances Pocket Camp
Regional names Flag of Italy small Rete da pesca
Flag of Germany small Wurfnetz

Throw net (とあみ, Toami?, 投網) is an item introduced in Pocket Camp for catching fish, shells, and bugs. The purpose of throw nets is to instantly catch several fish and shells at once. The types of fish and shells caught depends on where the throw net is used and what type is used.


Throw nets are used instantly by selecting a dock with a throw net symbol above it and selecting to use it. This uses up the throw net, but also immediately catches several fish and shells based on the throw net type and usage.


Throw nets can be purchased at any time for 20 Leaf Tickets, awarded as a prize for leveling up, or received through a log-in bonus.


There are four different kinds of throw nets: a Sea Throw Net, River Throw Net, Medium Throw Net, and Large Throw Net. The quantity of fish and shells the player will catch is represented by the number of question marks displayed next to the throw net icon.

Saltwater Shores

The Sea Throw Net has no guaranteed fish or shell types. The Medium Throw Net guarantees 1 horse mackerel, 1 coral, 1 scallop shell, and 1 conch shell. The Large Throw Net guarantees 1 squid, 1 red snapper, and 1 olive flounder. Throw Nets might also catch a(n) olive flounder at 19.802%, red snapper at 19.802%, squid at 19.802%, horse mackerel at 19.802%, coral at 6.6007%, conch shell at 6.6007%, scallop shell at 6.6007%, blowfish at 0.396%, football fish at 0.33%, and/or tuna at 0.264% in the sea.

Lost Lure Creek

The River Throw Net has no guaranteed fish types. The Medium Throw Net guarantees 1 crucian carp and 1 pale chub. The Large Throw Net guarantees 1 yellow perch and 1 black bass. Throw Nets might also catch a(n) black bass at 24.7525%, pale chub at 24.7525%, yellow perch at 24.7525%, crucian carp at 24.7525%, rainbow trout at 0.5776% and/or koi at 0.4125% in the river.