...You know, there's just no one worth talking to around here! No one at all!
― Tiara, Animal Crossing
Tiara (ワイハ, Waiha?) is a snooty rhino villager in the Animal Crossing series. Tiara only appeared in the early games of the series and never returned in any other games at this point.



Tiara from Animal Forest.

Tiara is a brown rhino with light brown horns, hooves, and tail with blue eyes. She wears an alpine shirt. In Animal Forest, Tiara's design changed with white added and her eyelids having eyelashes.  


Below is a brief description of the snooty personality. For more information, click here.


Tiara from the N64 Animal Forest.

Tiara has a snooty personality, which means she will appear arrogant and snobbish towards the player and other villagers, but she will sometimes appear friendly and nice in some discussions, provided they are mature and do not insult her lifestyle. She finds physical appearance important, and will get angry or upset if someone criticizes her sense of style or fitness, which means a conversation between her and a jock personality may leave either one upset or angry. Her attitude towards the player changes, as she begins to warm up to them, but she will still retain some arrogance and subtle rudeness. She may not get on with lazy villagers, due to their lifestyles - lazy villagers having a strong interest in food or relaxing of which will make her uncomfortable, angry, and upset when in conversation. She will upset peppy and normal villagers, usually by gossiping about them, and finding small things to judge them on. And she will get on well with cranky and other snooty villagers, who share similar interests.


Tiara's house has many items from the Regal Series, sometimes including some paintings. If she has a stereo it plays Lucky K.K.

Tiara house
Animal Forest e+ (interior)


Ac A243 Screen Shot
Ac A243 bk
#243 Tiara
Gender Female
Type Rhino
Star sign Scorpio
Clothes Yodel shirt
Petphrase Lovey
Password HFQgmd@lLPeldJ
Profile Tiara is what we call a fancy gal. She wields a makeup brush like a chef wields a knife, and she never leaves her house without a full set of paints applied to her face. Some people say she wears a bit too much makeup.
Ac A243
242 Pudge #243 Tiara 244 Sandy

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