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The title screen is the first thing the player sees once they start up their game. The title screen is currently present in the beginning of every game from the Animal Crossing series.

Every single game of the franchise up until Wild World's title screen would constantly consist of a villager from the player's town, or the player themselves roaming around in the background.

In Wild World, the start up screen depicts the same things that normally occur when starting up the game, except the camera now is at a angle where it circulates some of the town for a mere second. This is the only game so far where an animal does not greet the player to begin the game. Instead, they must manually select what the player wants to do and also select their character manually. There is also different background music. However, when the player plays this game for the first time, Kapp'n will be introducing him and leading him to the town chosen by the player.

In City Folk, most of the title screen is the same from the previous game. The difference is that Rover greets the player and prompts them to select their character, as there also a few changes to the theme from Wild World as it flows more smoothly.

In New Leaf, the title screen features new background music and preforms the same priorities from the last set of games. The player would then have a secretary, named Isabelle, as she is the one that now greets the player after entering the main menu.

In New Horizons, Tom Nook takes the role for managing title screen, the first in the series.


  • If the player does not begin the game and is absent for a few moments after the Animal Crossing theme, the screen would then fade to black and cycle off the theme again (sometimes with a different villager or depicting parts of the town).
  • For almost every single Animal Crossing game, the jingle or theme would be slightly changed or completely remade now and then to keep up the creativity.