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A player breaks a Fishing Rod.

Tools are a group of select items obtainable in the Animal Crossing series. These items, unlike furniture, have special uses outside the house. There were only four in the original games, increased to six in Wild World when the slingshot and watering can were added, seven in City Folk with the Shopping Card, and nine in New Leaf with the megaphone and wet suit. Although the wet suit is not held in the hand, it is classed as a tool as it affects the "use" button. It does not have a silver or gold variant.

In Animal Forest+ and Animal Crossing many main tools received a gold upgraded version after meeting certain criteria. In City Folk and New Leaf, an intermediate silver upgrade was added to all tools apart from the Shopping Card, Timer, Hammer, Megaphone and Tweeter.

New Horizons completely reworks the tool upgrade and durability system, creating the inferior Flimsy tools with the Pretty Good Tools upgrade replacing standard tools from prior games. Flimsy tools have been limited in capabilities and are required to create their Pretty-Good upgrade. The Stone Axe was also added to allow players to receive Crafting materials from trees without chopping them down. More information can be found at: Tools (New Horizons).

Tool list


Basic Tools

AxeFishing RodNetShovelSlingshotWatering Can

Terrain Tools

LadderVaulting poleWet Suit

Tool Grades

Flimsy toolsNHPretty good toolsNHSilver ToolCF-NLGolden tools


WandNH (Bamboo wandBug wandBunny day wandCherry-blossom wandCosmos wandFish wandGolden wandHyacinth wandIce wandIron wandKiki & Lala WandLily wandMums wandMushroom wandPansy wandRose wandShell wandSpooky wandStar wandTree-branch wandTulip wandWandWedding wandWindflower wand)

Other Tools

BalloonBoba drinksHammerLight stickFrozen treatMegaphoneSparklerShopping cardTimerTweeter