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This article is about the Super Smash Bros. stage. For the location in New Leaf, see Tortimer Island.
300px-Tortimer Island SSB4-3DS

A full view of the island stage.

Tortimer's Island is a stage based on Tortimer Island in New Leaf, which appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS. It was announced during the April 8th, 2014 Nintendo Direct. The island's layout changes each time the island is selected. Kapp'n, Leila and Tortimer have been shown to appear as background characters.

The island itself is nearly the exact same as it is in New Leaf, with a few little differences, like the dock on the left, where there is a boat the player(s) can stand on. The main difference is the little pond on the right side of the island, which is not there in New Leaf.

The dock on the island can be on the far right of the island or the far left. Players can stand on the dock, and occasionally Kapp'n's boat will appear. The boat leaves every 5 minutes or so. If the player(s) don't get off the boat themselves or are hit off, the player(s) will be sent off the stage.

Occasionally a shark will appear opposite of the dock. If a player falls into the water this shark will attack within a few seconds and KO regardless of damage taken already.

The trees on Tortimer's Island can be stood on. Fruits will appear on the trees, and if a player were to stand on a tree, the fruits on the tree will fall, or the player can hit the tree and the fruit will still fall off the tree. The fruit on the trees are a food item that can restore health, healing about 10-8 points. Beehives will occasionally drop out of the trees. The player(s) can pick up the beehive and throw it, then the bees will then swarm the nearest player, making the victim of the bees flinch and slowly take damage, untill the bees dissipate. The bees will torment the player for about 15-10 seconds.