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This article is about the location in New Leaf. For the Super Smash Bros. stage, see Tortimer's Island.
Tortimer Island Gallery

A player on the island.

Tortimer Island is a location in New Leaf separate from the main town. It can be accessed using Kapp'n's boat. On the island, the weather is constantly summertime, and the seasonal-appropriate bugs, fish, and deep-sea creatures can be caught there. Certain fish and insects are only found on the island. The ribbon eel, whale shark and giant trevally are island-exclusive as are spotted garden eel and giant isopod while diving. The only island-exclusive bug on the island is the hermit crab.

It is not accessible at the beginning of the game. To unlock it, the player must pay their first home loan (39,800 Bells) before the option is made available. Once the player has paid off their loan, Isabelle will introduce Tortimer the next day the player starts up the game again. He will ask the player to meet him by the dock. Once at the dock, Tortimer will tell the player about the island. He will also ask the player if they would want to go to his island. If the player agrees, Tortimer will tell the player that Kapp'n will be by the docks tomorrow. The next day Kapp'n will appear with his new motorized boat by the dock, which will be ready to take the player to the island for a fee of 1,000 Bells per round-trip. If the player does not talk to Tortimer the first time he appears, they may upgrade their house; he will appear after any subsequent loans are paid until the player talks to him.

If a player wishes to travel to the island while there are other players visiting, all players need to take the trip at the same time in order to depart.

Kappn 3ds

Three players at a dock with Kapp'n's speedboat.

On the way there, Kapp'n will sing a song, which are also very short stories and lessons from his life. However, if the player taps one of the buttons (X, Y, A, B) or the touchscreen rapidly while he's singing, the shanty can be skipped and the player can head to the island immediately.

No islanders inhabit the island other than Kapp'n's family and Tortimer, who decided to live there upon retiring.


Inside the shack.

Inside the shack, the player will meet Kapp'n's family: his wife Leilani, his daughter Leila, and his mother Grams. Leilani works at the front desk, where the player can choose to take part in Tours. Medals from tours can be spent on souvenirs from Grams, which include special furniture and clothes. Leila can buy certain items from the player, but only for a small amount of Bells at 5% of the original value. She sits on the floor surrounded by toys and pretends to be a supermarket shopper, encouraging the player to sell her flowers, fruits, and fish for meager amounts of Bells.

Right outside the shack, you find a gyroid named Lloid who lends the player rental items. The items available are a rental shovel, a rental axe, a rental wet suit, a rental rod and a rental net. This equipment can not be brought back to the town and will be returned to Lloid automatically after your visit.

Items can be sent home via a box near the front counter, which can contain up to 40 items. Any items not placed in the box upon leaving the island or joining a tour will be exchanged into Bells also at 5% original value. This exchange deposits the bells to the ABD account. Any clothing or accessories taken off will also be converted, so caution is advised.

NL Tortimer Island

Another player traversing the island.

While on a tour, the player can talk to Lloid to use the rental items, where they can then catch bugs, collect fruit, fish, or dive. However, on tours such as the Ore Tours, the player cannot take back ores, and bugs on bug tours, and each tour respectively. However, if the player collect items on a tour, returns to the island, and then go straight onto another tour, the items they collected will be sold and the bells put into their ABD account, so it is recommended that they deposit their collected items into the box near the entrance of the shack. Alternatively, they can also use collected fruits to restore trees on their island that they have cut down.

While staying at Tortimer Island, it is not possible to save the game until the player arrives back at their town.

Available collectables[]

Name Location Sale price Time
Barred Knifejaw Fishing 5,000 All day
Blue Marlin Fishing 10,000 All day
Butterfly Fish Fishing 1,000 All day
Clownfish Fishing 650 All day
Giant Trevally Fishing (exclusive) 4,500 All day
Hammerhead Shark Fishing 8,000 All day
Horse Mackerel Fishing 150 All day
Moray Eel Fishing 2,000 All day
Napoleonfish Fishing 10,000 All day
Ocean Sunfish Fishing 4,000 All day
Olive Flounder Fishing 800 All day
Pufferfish Fishing 240 All day
Ray Fishing 3,000 All day
Red Snapper Fishing 2,000 All day
Ribbon Eel Fishing (exclusive) 600 All day
Saw Shark Fishing 12,000 All day
Sea Bass Fishing 200 All day
Seahorse Fishing 1,100 All day
Shark Fishing 15,000 All day
Squid Fishing 400 All day
Surgeonfish Fishing 1,000 All day
Whale Shark Fishing (exclusive) 13,000 All day
Zebra Turkeyfish Fishing 400 All day
Name Location Sale price Time
Agrias Butterfly Near flowers 3,000 8am - 5pm
Atlas Beetle On palm trees 8,000 5pm - 8am
Birdwing Butterfly Near flowers 4,000 8am - 4pm
Cyclommatus Stag On palm trees 8,000 5pm - 8am
Emperor Butterfly Near flowers 2,500 7pm - 8am
Fruit Beetle On fruit trees 100 All day
Giant Beetle On fruit trees 10,000 11pm - 8am
Golden Stag On palm trees 12,000 5pm - 8am
Goliath Beetle On palm trees 6,000 5pm - 8am
Grasshopper On the ground 160 7am - 8pm
Hercules Beetle On palm trees 12,000 5pm - 8am
Hermit Crab On the beach 1,000 7pm - 8am
Horned Dynastid On fruit trees 1,350 5pm - 8am
Horned Elephant On palm trees 8,000 5pm - 8am
Jewel Beetle On fruit trees 2,400 8am - 5pm
Lantern Fly On fruit trees 1,800 4pm - 7pm, 11pm - 8am
Longhorn Beetle On tree stumps 260 10am - 6pm
Long Locust On the ground 200 8am - 7pm
Mantis On flowers 430 8am - 5pm
Migratory Locust On the ground 600 8am - 7pm
Miyama Stag On fruit trees 1,000 All day
Monarch Butterfly Near flowers 160 6am - 5pm
Orchid Mantis On white flowers 2,400 8am - 7pm
Oak Silk Moth On Trees 1,200 7pm - 4am
Rainbow Stag On fruit trees 10,000 5pm - 8am
Saw Stag Beetle On fruit trees 2,000 All day
Scarab Beetle On fruit trees 6,000 11pm - 8am
Tiger Beetle On the ground 1,500 8am - 5pm
Tiger Butterfly Near red flowers 160 6am - 5pm
Walking Stick On fruit trees 600 4am - 7pm
Wharf Roach On the beach 200 All day
Deep-Sea Catches
Name Location Sale price Time
Abalone Diving 400 4pm - 9am
Acorn Barnacle Diving 200 All day
Chambered Nautilus Diving 900 All day
Ear Shell Diving 300 4pm - 9am
Flatworm Diving 200 4pm - 9am
Giant Isopod Diving (exclusive) 9,000 All day
Lobster Diving 2,500 All day
Mantis Shrimp Diving 1,250 4pm - 9am
Octopus Diving 1,200 All day
Scallop Diving 1,000 All day
Sea Anemone Diving 100 All day
Sea Grapes Diving 600 All day
Sea Slug Diving 200 All day
Sea Urchin Diving 800 All day
Seaweed Diving 200 All day
Spotted Garden Eel Diving (exclusive) 600 All day
Starfish Diving 100 All day
Tiger Prawn Diving 1,600 4pm - 9am

Club Tortimer[]

Club Tortimer is an online function at Tortimer Island. To join, the player must buy a form for 50 medals. This form will appear instead of one of the items when traveling alone. Club Tortimer membership allows the player to go to a random island. Meanwhile, other Club Tortimer members can arrive or leave on the same island as the player. The player has a choice of going to an island that is visited by people from all over the world, or to an island that is only visited by people from their continent. (Note: More people will go to the island that contains their continent.) The items sold at the shop in Club Tortimer refresh every time the player leaves. There will be new items when the player joins again if they join to a different "room." The player can go on tours with fellow players and earn medals.

In the Welcome amiibo update, a set of rules, broadcast during the journey to the Club Tortimer island, were introduced. Alongside these, a new button on the touch screen was added to transport the player home immediately without "erroring." ("Erroring" can be done by flicking the wireless switch off at the side of the device. A cartoon picture of Resetti will pop up on the top screen with details of the "error" on the bottom.)

In Super Smash Bros. 4[]

On the 7th of March, 2014, a stage based on this area, called Tortimer's Island, was confirmed for the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. 4. The stage's layout is different every time. Leila, Kapp'n and Tortimer appear in the background of the stage.


  • There is both a day theme and night theme for Tortimer Island. The day theme lasts between 7am-7pm, while the night theme lasts for the rest of the duration. When the time reaches just about 7pm or 7am, a brief moment of silence commences as the themes swap.
  • The only trees that can be placed on Tortimer Island include: lychees, durians, lemons, mangoes, bananas, and coconuts. Bananas and mangoes appear on the island by default, while the others can be gathered from island tours.