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The Town Hall is a building that first appeared in Wild World, replacing buildings and locations from previous games in the Animal Crossing series.


In Wild World and City Folk[]

In Wild World and City Folk, the Town Hall is the location of many of the town's civic duties. It is the social center of the town, where almost all of the festivities take place in the plaza outside.

The Town Hall replaces the Wishing Well, Dump, and Post Office in Animal Crossing for the GameCube. Therefore, it is where players can deliver letters, dispose of trash, and manage their savings. Tortimer will be seen during events in the plaza outside the building

The inside of the Town Hall has a counter that divides it into two parts, the Civic Center and the Post Office. Anywhere behind the counter is inaccessible to the player, and contains bookcases, mail sacks and the Mayor's desk, where Tortimer can be found sleeping on normal days. Pelly works from 7am to 10pm and Phyllis works from 10pm to 7am.

Civic Center[]

  • Environment- The player can inquire on the environmental status of the town, based on the opinions of the villagers. This option can also be used to check the town's perfect town rating.
  • Town Tune- The town tune can be edited from here.
  • Town Fund (City Folk)- Money can be donated to the civic fund, which is used to fund the construction of various new structures around town.
  • Donations (Wild World)- Money can be donated to aid the town of Boondox in exchange for feathers.
  • Problem (City Folk)- The player can report problems regarding villagers and accessibility of their house.
  • Moving (Wild World)- The player can choose to move out of their town and immigrate to a friend's town via DS Wireless Communications.

Post Office[]

  • Pay Mortgage (Wild World)- Players can make payments to Tom Nook's bank account, in order pay off their mortgage.
  • Withdraw (Wild World)- Withdraw money from savings account.
  • Deposit (Wild World)- Deposit money into savings account.
  • Save Mail- The player's letter, and in Wild World for notes in bottles as well, storage, which can be accessed at any time.
  • Send Letter- The player can send a letter for direct mailing to another villager living in their town.

The Recycling Bin[]

Main article: Recycling Bin

The recycling bin can be used to dispose of unwanted items. The bin is emptied at 6am every Monday and Thursday. This can be useful for disposing of items such as trash, which cannot be sold to Tom Nook for Bells.

Occasionally, randomly-generated items such as furniture, tools, and clothing can be found in the recycling bin. These items may have been thrown away by a neighbor after remodeling their house.

Automatic Bell Dispenser[]

Main article: Automatic Bell Dispenser

The Automatic Bell Dispenser allows players to manage their savings account, depositing or withdrawing Bells. The machine is also used to pay the mortgage for the player's house. The bell dispenser was absent in Wild World. Pelly and Phyllis instead provide financial functions.

The Bulletin Board[]


The Bulletin Board in City Folk.

The Bulletin Board is a notice board outside of the hall, where messages can be posted. The player can also post their own messages, and is where Tom Nook sends the player to write an advertisement for his store as part of the Part Time Job at the beginning of the game. In games before Wild World, it is located between the four available houses.

In City Folk, two changes are made to the Bulletin Board. A small yellow bird is perched on top of the board whenever there is a new notice, and a player can delete messages if they feel the need to do so. This bird can be seen on the cover of City Folk.

In New Leaf[]

Animal-Crossing-3DS 03

The player acting as the mayor in the Town Hall, with Isabelle reading out their duties.

The Town Hall is now used by the player who is the mayor of the town. Inside, Isabelle can be found behind the counter and will help the player fulfill their duties as mayor. It has undergone dramatic changes in New Leaf. This is in part due to the returning buildings which take on some of the responsibilities of the Town Hall. The Post Office has taken on the postal duties and banking, while Nook's Homes now control the mortgage payments, both of which can be found on Main Street.

There are four different possible color schemes the Town Hall can have by default; First, a mostly brown exterior with a regular brown interior. Second, a yellow exterior with a green door, and a light brown interior. Third, a dark brown exterior with dark blue doors and windows, and a dark brown interior. Lastly, a brown exterior with green windows. The interior of this Town Hall is rather interesting, as, while the floors and walls are still brown, the desks are green.

Once the player gets a perfect town, Isabelle will want the Town Hall expanded. The player can choose from 3 expansions:

  1. Zen Castle Town Hall
  2. Fairy-Tale Town Hall
  3. Modern Town Hall

The inside of the Town Hall does not change with any of these expansions. The player can also change back to the default Town Hall afterwards.

The Bulletin Board is now by the Train Station, trash disposal is done through Re-Tail and a Garbage Can public works project. Isabelle will now provide the services of the Civic Center.

Unlike the past Animal Crossing games, the Town Hall is closed whenever Isabelle is outside in some holidays. In addition, Isabelle will ask the mayor not to take part in any mayoral activities in some events (such as the Fishing Tourney), encouraging the mayor to take the day off instead, although the service desk is open whenever Isabelle is not outside.

Other appearances[]


Wild World[]

City Folk[]

New Leaf[]


  • The Town Hall is fitted with intercom speakers. The intercom talker is female, as applied to all the Animal Crossing games.
  • A cranky villager will talk about donating bells and hearing Tortimer say "I'm having steak tonight!" or that Tortimer's installing a plasma TV at his house after the villager made a donation in Wild World.
  • In Wild World and City Folk the song that plays at day. It is very similar to Donna Summer 70's song called "Down Deep Inside".
  • In Wild World and City Folk, Tortimer can be seen sleeping on a chair in the background of the Town Hall.
  • In City Folk if a player is imported from Wild World, Tortimer will remember meeting them outside the Town Hall rather than in it, as occurs in Wild World. Pelly or Phyllis will mention the player is in fact a new resident, and Tortimer will dismiss it as déjà vu instead.
  • When it is nightime in New Leaf and the player has yet to read their new message, there will be a white owl on top of the Bulletin Board instead, unlike City Folk where a yellow bird would appear regardless of the current time.
  • In New Leaf, the plant on the southwest varies on each town creation.
  • In New Leaf, a picture of Tortimer is hung up on the wall behind the mayor seat, implying that Tortimer used to work there.
  • In New Leaf, when looking through texture files, one can see that the Mayor's desktop wallpaper is Tortimer.

In other languages[]

Town Hall
Language Name Translation
France French Mairie -
Spain Spanish Ayuntamiento -
Germany German Rathaus -
South Korea Korean 마을사무소 -