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This is your very own Town Pass Card! It's like an ID card that proves you live in <townname>... We can call it to TPC for short. Your TPC is always kept up to date with your latest profile information. Tap [button_person] on the Touch Screen to access it. As long as you have it on you, you can go visit other towns!
― Isabelle introducing player to their Town Pass Card


A Town Pass Card

The Town Pass Card (TPC) is a feature in New Leaf. It is used to visit the towns of other players.

The card lists the name of the player, their country of origin and region, as well as a catchphrase, photo identity, badge, Dream Address and date of birth, with a symbol of the corresponding star-sign next to it. Since the Welcome amiibo update, the TPC has a new tab that shows the player's current Town Initiatives.

The player receives the TPC from Isabelle at the beginning of the game, when they have completed their registration after choosing a house location with Tom Nook and registering their information with Isabelle.

Editing the Town Pass Card[]

The player can open the TPC from the lower screen of the Nintendo 3DS while playing the game. Not all details can be edited, as this information stays with the player forever. The region information can be changed by speaking to Isabelle upon entering the game.



The Photo Booth.

The player is given the option to choose a catchphrase that represents them. This can be altered and changed indefinitely, by opening the TPC card from the menu next to the encyclopedia, and click the speech bubble above the card details and photo I.D.


The photo on the card can be customized using the Photo Booth, found in Main Street in front of the Fortune Shop. It costs 500 Bells to take a new photo, but once inside the player is given the choice to retake the photo as many times as they want.

While in the photo booth, the player can take their photo while performing poses, after the 3 second countdown. Holding the L button will add a monochrome filter to the picture and holding the R button will add a sepia filter.


Main article: Phineas

A player with a completed badge set.

The ID card displays all the badges the player has obtained. These badges can be obtained through Phineas for completing accomplishments such as collecting over a certain number of bugs or fish.

They are not to be mistaken for medals, which are found on Tortimer Island by completing tours, and spent on souvenirs in Grams' shop.

Dream address[]

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Porter TPC

Porter inspecting the TPC.

The Dream Address is what is used to access the dream created by the player at the Dream Suite. Every address is different. This part of the TPC is inaccessible at the very beginning of the game due to the Dream Suite being unavailable at the start. The dream address is located in the rectangle along the bottom of the TPC just above the date the TPC was registered.