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Well, the <town_name> town tune plays in multiple places around town and serves to tell us what time it is!

Our current town tune is OK, but I always like a change, so if you have ideas for a new one, let me know!
Even if you're not a musician, you should try to compose a theme that captures the essence of <town_name>!

― Isabelle introducing player to town tunes for the first time, New Leaf

The layout of the town tune

The town tune is a short melody that plays whenever the player talks to a villager or special character, when the player walks into a building, and whenever an hour passes. A town tune can range anywhere from 1 to 16 notes. In Animal Crossing, the town tune can be changed by facing the bulletin board next to the Post Office. In Wild World and City Folk, the player must go to the civic center in the Town Hall, and talk to Pelly or Phyllis. In New Leaf and New Horizons, the town tune can be changed by the player talking to Isabelle at the Town Hall front desk and Resident Services, respectively.

Town tunes can also be played on instruments that can be bought in Tom Nook's stores or the Nookling Stores. If music is playing at the same time, the instrument plays at the same speed.

The player can change the notes by selecting a frog and moving the frog up or down. If a frog is pulled up to the top, the frog will play a random note. If a frog is pulled to the bottom, the frog will not play a note and will be silent. If a frog is pulled to the note above the bottom, it will sustain the previous note.

Every game before New Leaf had their own town tune while the N64 and GameCube versions have the same (except Animal Forest e+, which has the different tune). However in New Leaf, there are 4 different default town tunes that are selected randomly when the game is first started.

When town tunes are played while talking to a special character or villager, it relates to the villager's personality and species. This changes the timbre (i.e. "instrument") and pitch of the overall town tune for that villager. This also occurs for special characters.

Certain personalities may change the pitch of the town tune. Cranky villagers may make the tune sound somewhat strange, peppy villagers will make the tune sound bubbly, normal villagers will take the tune and make it perky, lazy villagers often make the town tune sound like it has no rhythm, snooty villagers make the town tune them sound fancy and stylish, and jock villagers have a standard sounding town tune.

The instrument played changes depending on species; for instance, talking to a chicken typically produces a tune played on a honky-tonk piano. Talking to a hippo typically produces a tune played on a bass trombone, and talking to a monkey typically produces a tune played on a marimba or a music box. Below is a list of species and their respective instruments:

  • Alligator villagers have a bouncy synthesizer sounding town tune theme.
  • Anteater villagers have a bassoon sounding town tune theme.
  • Bear villagers have a trombone sounding town tune theme.
  • Bird villagers have a flute or a piccolo sounding town tune theme.
  • Bull villagers have a tuba sounding town tune theme.
  • Cat villagers have a high-pitched synth town tune theme.
  • Chicken villagers have a tune played on a honky-tonk piano.
  • Cow villagers have a town tune similar to that of the bulls, except at a slightly higher pitch.
  • Cub villagers have a deep synth bass sounding tune.
  • Deer villagers have a town tune theme that sounds like an accordion mixed with a bassoon.
  • Dog villagers have a clavinet town tune theme.
  • Duck villagers have a high-pitched oboe sounding town tune theme.
  • Eagle villagers have a panpipe sounding town tune theme.
  • Elephant villagers have a timpani drum sounding town tune theme.
  • Goat villagers have a town tune theme that somewhat sounds a steam calliope.
  • Gorilla villagers have a tenor or baritone saxophone sounding town tune theme.
  • Hamster villagers have a high-pitch squeaky town tune theme.
  • Hippo villagers have a bass trombone sounding town tune theme.
  • Horse villagers have a electric guitar sounding town tune theme.
  • Kangaroo villagers have a chiptune synthesizer town tune theme.
  • Koala villagers have a steel drum sounding town tune theme.
  • Lion villagers have an electric bass guitar sounding town tune theme.
  • Monkey villagers have an instrument sounding like a marimba or a music box.
  • Mouse villagers have a town tune theme that sounds like a stylophone keyboard or a kazoo.
  • Octopus villagers have a slightly high-pitched synthesizer town tune theme.
  • Ostrich villagers have a normal, slightly high-pitched town tune theme (Except for Sprocket, whose theme is much more mechanical sounding).
  • Penguin villagers have a lower-pitched synthesizer town tune theme.
  • Pig villagers have a bass sounding town tune theme.
  • Rabbit villagers have a bouncy electronic keyboard sounding town tune theme.
  • Rhino villagers have a bass sounding town tune theme.
  • Sheep villagers have a French horn sounding town tune theme.
  • Squirrel villagers have a xylophone sounding town tune theme.
  • Tiger villagers have a bass synthesizer sounding town tune theme.
  • Wolf villagers have a low-pitched guitar plucking sounding town tune theme.

In New Horizons, the player character now has their own tune. When interacting with another player in a dream, the town tune of that island the player is visiting plays. All player characters get a tune played on what sounds like a flute or woodwind instrument.

On La-Di-Day in Wild World, villagers will talk about the town tune, and how the player should change it.

Town tunes


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Villager Instrument Style
Admiral Flute/piccolo (bird) Unusual lower pitch (cranky)
Agent S Xylophone (squirrel) Bubbly (peppy)
Agnes Kind of bass-ish (pig) Moderate rhythm (sisterly)
Al Baritone saxophone (gorilla) Nearly rhythmless (lazy)
Alfonso Bouncy synthesizer (alligator) Nearly rhythmless (lazy)

Special characters

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Special character Instrument Style


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