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2-4-0 locomotive in Animal CrossingThe train in New Leaf

The train is the first form of transport introduced in the Animal Crossing series, first seen in Animal Forest. The train is present in all Nintendo Gamecube games and New Leaf, but was replaced in Wild World and City Folk by the Taxi and the Bus respectively.

The train travels along the train tracks on the north side of town and serves as the introduction to the game in both GCN games and New Leaf. The standard character for the train is Rover, who, when met for the first time, will ask a number of questions to determine features like player gender, town name, hair style, and others. Each subsequent train ride will also result in a conversation with Rover, or rarely Blanca, though the conversation differs. Once the conversation is over the train will stop at the town's Train Station.

Trains dock at the station at set intervals throughout the hour, though can also be "summoned" instantly by speaking to Porter. Outside the introduction, trains serve as a means to visit other player's towns over Wi-Fi connection.


Rover, the standard train character, appears on most train rides except when he is replaced by Blanca. Unlike Rover, Blanca does not speak for as long and instead offers a minigame where the player has the option to redraw her face.

Joan also appears on the train occasionally though cannot be interacted with. She sits on the seat at the back, where she sometimes falls asleep.

Porter Is seen driving the train and at the starting of the games he will tell the player and Rover that they are arriving at the town.


An orange train blocking the way to Main Street

The train sign

  • In Animal Forest and Animal Crossing, the train is a green carriage pulled by a 2-4-0 steam locomotive. However, in New Leaf, it takes on the appearance of a cream-and-gray self-propelled diesel railcar, with no separate locomotive any more. Sometimes the train has a cream-and-red design, but it is very rare.
  • In New Leaf, just as the train pulls into the station at the start of the game, Rover will say "I haven't done this much traveling by train since 2002 or so". This is a reference to the train ride from the start of Animal Crossing.
  • Also in New Leaf, there are four trains per hour which pass by the town without stopping. These can be seen at 03, 21, 35, and 49 minutes past the hour. These do not do anything and cannot be ridden; they are simply to add realism to the game.
  • In New Leaf, villagers talk about the train on some occasions and mention that the red color of the LE012-series Limited train is the best of all.
  • The train in Animal Forest has the train number CC16.
  • In New Leaf, the train moves slightly slower than the player can run.