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Gold Fish Trophy in City Folk

Trophies are obtainable items that represent victory in certain events throughout the Animal Crossing series. There are three types of trophies, depending on the game, bronze, silver and gold. They are obtained one by winning the Fishing Tourney, Bug Off, Flower Festival or by gaining HHA Points. Each trophy looks slightly different, having a butterfly (Bug), fish (Fish), flower (Flower Fest) or house (HHA) on top respectively.

In Animal Forest, Animal Crossing, Dōbutsu no Mori e+

The four trophies in Animal Forest.

In the N64 and Gamecube versions, statues of the player could be gained by the train station by paying off mortgage and achieving certain feats. The gold statue was obtained by being the first to pay off the mortgage (when playing a four-player house), silver for second, bronze for third and green for fourth. Trophies were also in place for Fishing Tournaments, like in the later installments for Animal Crossing games, with a distinct trophy for both summer and fall events.

Wild World

In Wild World, after the day of the event the player will receive a letter from Tortimer. Depending on what place they came, letter will either congratulate the player for a 'good job', or will contain a gold trophy. Since the player can only get one kind of trophy there are three trophies they can receive. The trophies that can be obtained:

  • Bug Trophy (gold)
  • Fish Trophy (gold)
  • Flower Trophy (gold)

City Folk

Gold and silver fish trophy in City Folk

In City Folk, the player obtains trophies the same way as in Wild World, but there are some changes. Due to the removal of the Flower Festival, the flower trophy is unavailable. However, silver trophies for both the Bug-Off and the Fishing Tourney are now available, for a total of four trophies to obtain.

  • Bug Trophy (silver and gold)
  • Fish Trophy (silver and gold)

New Leaf

Player receiving a gold fish trophy from Chip

In New Leaf, the trophies are handed out immediately after the end of the festivals. The player receives theirs then. This game contains three trophies for the Bug-Off and Fishing Tourney. In addition, trophies are now available for getting HHA points - 90,000 points are required for a silver trophy, and 100,000 for a gold.

  • Bug Trophy (bronze, silver and gold)
  • Fish Trophy (bronze, silver and gold)
  • HHA Trophy (silver and gold)


  • In Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo, the player can obtain a Villager Trophy by using the Super Smash Bros. Villager amiibo. It looks like the Gold Statue from Animal Crossing, which is built after the player pays their mortgage. However, the New Leaf version is a furniture item and cannot be placed outside.