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The tropical seas (also known as the island ocean) is a body of water in the Animal Crossing series, first introduced in Animal Forest+. This land feature consists of the ocean that surrounds islands on all sides. The island ocean occurs in Animal Forest+, Animal Crossing, Animal Forest e+ and New Leaf. It is absent from the original Animal Forest, Wild World and City Folk, as a result of the absence of islands in these games. In New Horizons, the deserted island and mystery islands are already considered islands, but otherwise their surrounding oceans act just like any ordinary ocean.

This ocean functions the same as the normal ocean in the player's town, differing primarily in its location. In New Leaf the tropical seas are lighter blue compared to the regular ocean.

Island ocean NL

Players enjoying the island ocean.

Exclusive Creatures[]

The tropical seas share the same fish and diving creatures as the regular ocean, with new additions that are exclusive to this water body.

In Animal Forest e+ the swordfish and puffer fish are exclusive to the island ocean, and in New Leaf these waters are the only means of obtaining giant trevally, ribbon eel, whale shark, spotted garden eel, and giant isopod.

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