マグロ Maguro
Tuna encyclopedia (New Leaf)
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Location Price
Ocean 7,000 Bells
Size Shadow size
90.60 in. (230 cm) Huge
Time of year Time of day
November to March All day
Scientific name Thunnus thynnus
Family Scombridae - Tuna
Appearances WW, CF, NL , PC
Rarity Scarce (★★★★)
Regional names Flag of Italy small Tonno
Flag of France small Thon
Flag of Germany small Thunfisch
Flag of Spain Atún
"I caught a tuna! And now it's stuck in my head!" —New Leaf

The tuna (マグロ, Maguro?) is a rare fish that can be found in the ocean at any time of day between the months of November and March. The fish sells for 7,000 Bells at Tom Nook's store, which makes it the second most expensive winter fish after the stringfish.

Donation to the museum

In Wild World

Blathers will say this when donated to the museum: "If a tuna stops swimming, it will stop breathing and expire, eh wot? As you can imagine, this means that it must swim when it sleeps as well. I think every day about how marvelous life would be if I could work in my sleep!" One can find the tuna in the back tank with the other ocean fish.

In City Folk

Upon donating to the museum, it can be found in the back tank with other ocean fish. When given the fish, Blathers will say this: "If tuna stop swimming, they actually lose the ability to breathe and can perish! ...Which means that even while resting, this fish just keeps swimming, eh wot? I really prefer to focus on resting up rather than napping... Rather lucky I was born an owl, wot wot!"

In New Leaf

In New Leaf, an information board in the aquarium will list information about this fish.

"Tuna can reach almost 10 feet in length and weigh over 800 pounds, which is huge in the fish world. Combining this great size with their good flavor makes them literally the biggest catch for most anglers. Tuna can't breathe when they aren't moving, so their entire lives revolve around constantly swimming. To sleep, they merely slow down. This ability to swim while sleeping is a huge advantage. They're also rather fast, capable of beating both sets of fins so hard they reach speeds of 50 mph."

Capture quotes

"I caught a tuna! And I'm not talking canned!" —Wild World
"I caught a tuna! I only wish I'd caught it soona!" —City Folk

Encyclopedia information

Wild World

Encyclopedia Information
Tuna (Wild World) "They can swim up to 60 miles per hour."
Size 7.5 feet
Habitat Ocean
Season Winter
Icon Tuna (Wild World icon)

City Folk

Encyclopedia Information
Tuna (City Folk)
"Since sushi has become popular everywhere, all cuts of this fish are expensive."
Size 90.6 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Winter

New Leaf

Encyclopedia Information
Tuna encyclopedia (New Leaf)
"I caught a tuna! And now it's stuck in my head!"
Size 90.6 inches
Habitat Ocean
Season Winter


Further information


There are various types of tuna in existence. As a result of its uses, it has become overfished and due to its late maturity, it is increasingly difficult for it to reproduce to sustain the demand. The Atlantic bluefin tuna is currently classified as Endangered due to its rapid decline. It preys on squid, crustaceans, horse mackerel, and other small fish.

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