Summary of my ACNH life

I currently have 120 hours on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. ACNH is the only Animal Crossing game I've owned. My starters were Antonio and Pashmina, and I currently have them, Apple, Chevre, Lucky, Quillson, Kitty, Filbert, Molly, and Kabuki living on my island. I currently have 3 stars in island evaluations and unlocked K.K. on 1/25/2021. I have a three room house and a B (36,804) HHA rating, giving me the silver plaque. Antonio was my first villager to ask to leave, I said NO!! My past evictions are Hamlet and Knox. (Art on the right by Emeraldchan_1214 on, character mine)

Here's a lil' list of songs I want from K.K.


K.K. Metal

Spring Blossoms

Bubblegum K.K.

Stale Cupcakes

K.K. Synth

Lucky K.K.

Stuff about me

I've been drawing for four years, I have a decent experience in ferals and humans, although my anthros need some work (Hence, I am practicing by drawing AC characters). I'm a character creating machine, I have more characters and designs than I can count, let alone remember. I love roleplaying with and drawing the ones I do remember though! xD I use faces like TvT, xD, UvU, ;-;, ;^;, etc. a lot, heh. Procrastination pretty much sums up the majority of my days. I am a bit of a perfectionist, most commonly when working on school work and any form of writing or art. I specialize in digital art, as well as traditional. I use an iPad and stylus to draw, with Autodesk Sketchbook (Free, would recommend). I'm semi-experienced with a mouse and finger, but not so much with a drawing tablet. I'd describe my art-style as anime-ish, with a sorta, "me" touch to it. My animation is a little iffy at times. I wouldn't say I'm the worst, but I'm not the best. I enjoy writing but I'm still learning a lot of editing, grammar, and spelling skills. I love writing stories about my characters, and am working on one right now.

Ice breakers

Favorite color: Pink, it makes me happy, don't question it.

Favorite movie: The Princess and the Frog

Favorite song: This changes a whole lot, but currently, it is Joyastic Sarah's cover of Bubblegum K.K.

Favorite villager: Apple, Lolly, and/or Kabuki.

Favorite aesthetic: Winter cabin or PINK

Favorite hobby: Art

Random thing about me: I pace a lot for no apparent reason, I think I just like to think.

Favorite ACNH grinding technique: Picking up shells and swimming for underwater creatures until my inventory is full and then selling, it's quick and easy bells.

Favorite book series: Puella Magi Midori Magica

Favorite artist/animator: PetalsSilverSteam

Favorite desert: I like all of them!! Gimme, GIMME! Just kidding, my favorites are probably strawberry shortcake and banana pudding!

Favorite series: Carmen Sandiego (Netflix)

Favorite candy: Hershey's Cookies 'N' Cream, Kit Kats

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Current signature

Bluestar<3 Here comes a thought... that may alarm you.

Signature quotes archive

I occasionally change my signature with random song lyrics

"It's a beautiful delightful day and I'm feeling a-okay" - Delightful day - CG5

"Here comes a thought... that may alarm you." - Here Comes a Thought - Steven Universe (Current)

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