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Hullo! I'm Dabtowner, an administrator and avid (or only) writer of insect pages. I'm also dedicated to helping out with the Project Furniture people (person), because I like furniture. I also like taking photos of furniture for the project- don't look at me like that! I'm currently churning out userboxes, and I won't stop until I have a plethora of colourful, albeit useless, boxes. I've done quite a few pages, but these are the ones I'm most proud of:


For oodles of info on Aravayle, please see the Aravalye archives.
To see my Bug Diary, you can go here.

My City Folk Villagers

The villagers of Aravayle, my utterly wonderful town, are an eclectic bunch. This does not mean that I like them, though!

  • Chrissy, whom I cannot stand.
  • Chester, who unfortunately moved into the cursed spot of evil villagers.
  • Kiki, who is nice but infuriatingly dull. She has recently expressed an intrest in pop-up dinosaur books.
  • Roscoe, Who still hasn't forgiven me for not getting that carp. Nor will he ever.
  • Gabi, who is utterly great.
  • Fang, who, by moving in, has turned the south-west of my town into a housing estate. With me in the middle.
  • Pekoe, who is a bit short, a bit dull, a bit too downtrodden.
  • Moose, who will not be here very long, if I've got anything to do with it.
  • Mallary, who I'm warming to. Slowly. Well, I was, until she said I was 'sad on the inside'.
  • Benedict, who ruined my seaside path with his horrible house, which I abhor. If only we had a planning committe...
  • A Pear- Yeah, he's pretty cool. He lives in a tree behind my house.

Stuff About My Town

Aravayle has a 'perfect environment' status now; one freak accident in January and an ongoing perfectness as of March. This means that I have the golden can. At last, I am truly happy.

My house now has a basement with a colourful Kiddie and Egg theme, my ground floor is an exotic jungle, and my upper floor is a cosy baroque study, with a full set of lullaboids and the strums of the rhapsodaic K.K. Étude being harpsichorded away in the background. Oh dear, I got carried away again...

Currently I've been freaking out over grass deterioration: I now have strict paths that I have to follow. Failure to comply results in unhappiness, not to mention awful-looking scraps of grass.

The emotions I 'own' are Laughter, Shock, Disappointment and the clappy one. Well, I can't remember everything! I wonder what this says about me... I think I just like the noises they make. Clapp clapp whaka ahaka ahaka ahaka barrrump *piano dropping*.

Suddenly, a pear appears on the scene! Arriving in a letter, he has quickly become one of my favourite residents. He was sent to me by Kiki. I'm going to keep on sending her letters now....

The Great Flower-Count

Realising that I spend about 15 minutes every day watering flowers, I decided to count how many flowers I have dotted around town. I have 617, including nine Jacob's Ladders. The problem is, I buy new flowers practically every day. Not that it's really much of a problem. Unless you think obsessiveness is a bad thing.

Aravayle Images

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