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Animal Crossing: Wild World player.

Town: Bush
Player: Fleu ♥
Friend code: 2192-2508-1001

Animal Crossing: New Leaf player.

Town: Ellville
Player: Fleü
Friend code: 3711-9204-0266

If you like furniture and don't mind sticking to my rules, join the Forum:Project Furniture :D (last active, 2009..... sorry guys).

BUSH Bush is my WW town. It was named by my flatmate after the place she studies at Uni, but she lent the game to me and I moved in and made it my own! My villagers call her a 'lonely girl'... or occasionally 'pizza face' for that time I logged on as her and got stung by bees! :O My native fruit are Oranges, but I also have Cherries, Peaches, Apples, Pears and Coconuts thanks to a few lovely people met on wi-fi! Update May 2009 Bush appears to be Perfect! I'm guessing so because I have Jacob's Ladders blooming all over the place!

Villagers in my town

  • Bluebear - is becoming a good friend, she loves challenging me to Bug-finding contests!
  • Lily - My BFF :) She is so sweet, but I've noticed her becoming rather more snooty under the influence of my other female villagers... sigh.
  • Mallary - Has eventually (2 months!) warmed to me, and can be quite joyful now :D
  • Curly - I've warmed to him after a week nursing him back to health...
  • Rosie - is new! Is my second BFF. She loves me because I gave her medicine for a week!
  • Hugh - undecided. He spends a lot of time with Curly which I guess is alright...
  • Mitzi - I guess she's not bad. She doesn't really talk to me much though!
  • Rolph - could he be the one, the replacement for Wolfgang? We shall see...

Gone, but not forgotten!

  • Peanut - I'm actually glad she left! I did get her pic though..
  • Whitney - She didn't stay long. She also didn't give me her picture!!!
  • Chief - I missed having two cranky wolves..
  • Wolfgang - My love, he left me! I have his picture above my fireplace.
  • Cube - Left even after I spent two days begging him not to!
  • Alli - Another villager I won't miss overly. At least I got her pic too.
  • Gaston - I'm a bit miffed that after all the fossils I gave him he didn't even give me his pic...!

ELLVILLE Ellville is my new 3DS town, created around my birthday in 2014. Pears are my native fruit and I found a golden pear on my first evening.

Villagers in my town

  • Pekoe - due to her nature she is friendly, so I think she is becoming a new friend! She loves pears.
  • Deli
  • Broffina - I love this crazy chicken! I sent her a letter and she warmed to me..
  • Tom
  • Cobb
  • Keaton


The following are useful lists I use to compile complete lists for the wiki. Feel free to tell me any on my talk page if you think they would help.

Item lists







Places with pictures

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