Currently working on adding special characters to template:amiibo, then probably the museum page.

Files with inconsistent names

These are file names I've found that seem to have mistakes in them - I've added suggested updated names beside them

NH-Tools-Mum wand.png -> 80px
NH-Furniture-rocket.png -> NH-Furniture-Rocket.png
NH-Tools-Pansy Wand.png -> 80px
NH-Tools-Tree-branch wand.png -> 80px
NH-Dog house.png -> 80px
NH-Blue rose wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Chic cosmos wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Chic windflower wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Cool pansy wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Cool windflower wreath.png -> 80px
NH-DarkLilyWreath.png -> 80px
NH-Dark rose wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Dark tulip wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Fancy mum wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Fancy lily wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Fancy rose wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Gold rose wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Key holder.png -> 80px
NH-Natural mum wreath.png -> 80px
NH-DIY-Furniture-Ornament wreath.png -> NH-Furniture-Ornament wreath (blue).png
NH-Potted ivy.png -> 80px
NH-Pretty cosmos wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Pretty tulip wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Purple hyacinth wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Rose wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Shell wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Snazzy pansy wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Snowflake wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Timber doorplate.png -> 80px
NH-Tulip wreath.png -> 80px
NH-Saggitarius star fragment.png -> 80px
NH-Scorpio star fragment.png -> 80px
NH-Scorpio fragment-icon.png -> 80px
NH-Aries star fragment-icon.png -> 80px
NH-Capricornus fragment-icon.png -> 80px
NH-DIY-Clothing-Cherry-blossom umbrella.png NH-Clothing-Cherry-blossom umbrella.png -> mark one for deletion, rename one to 80px
NH-Clothing-Camo umbrella.png -> 80px
NH-Apple Hat.png -> 80px
NH-Umbrellas-Bat umbrella.png -> 80px
NH-Clothing-Kiwi umbrella.png -> 80px
NH-Clothing-Lacy parasol.png -> 80px
NH-Furniture-Aluminium rug.png -> NH-Furniture-Aluminum rug.png
NH-Furniture-Sloppy Rug.png -> NH-Furniture-Sloppy rug.png
NH-Flowing river flooring.png -> 80px
NH-Rocky mountain flooring.png -> 80px
NH-Stormy night wall.png -> 80px
NH-Summit Wall.png -> 80px
NH-Icon-Lloyd.png -> 80px
NH-cherry-blossom petal-icon.png -> 80px
NH-flat mushroom-icon.png -> 80px
NH-Icon-Heart crystal.png -> NH-Icon-Heart crystal.png
NH-red ornament-icon.png -> 80px

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