About me Faith

Hey, I do art and edit this wiki sometimes.
That's about it.

Signatures M (edit)

10/23/2014: Emolga-girl ~ (Leave a message!)

11/09/2014: Do I get a reward for doing this? ~HOA (talk)

12/28/2014: I'm with HOA, where's our reward? The Epitome of Native Gods ~ ShadeTempest (Talk/Message Wall)

01/19/2015: hello frand nnevaR (talk)

02/19/2015: Ello can I have flipnote code? Wait I don't think even you have it >:} ~Sound Neko

02/24/2015: Well I found your profile might as well leave a message. ~Emilysara

03/18/2015: So many explosions so little time ~~~~

08/10/2015: At least I'm making an edit I guess. JGC

11/08/2015: I'm going to leave another message but.. MYSTIC WELCOME BACK!! DIS PAGE IS SPPPPECIAL SO DON'T DELETE IT AGAIN. *Emilysara was criinggg in Japanese but now she is all like... KAWAII DESU YUMYUMYUMMUM ~Emilysara (Questions?)

11/11/2015: I should've signed this a long time ago. S t a t i c THE sbnᴉɹɹǝl | Talk

11/23/2015: Mystic,pls ~ ChangedGirl

12/13/2015: You are a dark mystic, and a mystical dark. ~ NessTheOrange

02/20/2016: hello MysticDarknessz9 i am an african boy from Equatorial New Guinea BlueeCookie (talk)

08/17/2016: Hi! My previous signature was extremely cringey! You're a cool person Dark! Ace / Carter

03/23/2017: what is happening my dude - Dragonfree97 [talk]

06/10/2020: Here's my signature I guess XD Sherb3 JowaPlays ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

08/04/2020: Wow I can't believe I haven't written here before, anyways I am honored to have known you for a couple years now, Thanks :) EditorWiki (Animail)

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